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I can’t even begin to express how invaluable a source of information this forum has been for me. My surgery was on Tuesday with Dr. Jacobs and I returned home from my trip to New York yesterday evening. I’m officially “on the other side” and psychologically I still haven’t completely processed it! I want to document my experience with Dr. Jacobs as a resource for others who may be in the process of deciding if surgery is for them.


Dr. Jacobs and his staff are complete and utter professionals. Cathy and Jennifer were a pleasure to interact with and I was instantly put at ease by Dr. Jacobs’ personable nature, which took away the small bout of nervousness I had before surgery. During my pre-op appointment, Dr. Jacobs examined my chest and re-confirmed that I did in fact have gynecomastia (both fat and gland) as he concluded from the photos I e-mailed him during my e-mail consultation. He explained every step of the surgery and told me exactly what to expect following the procedure. He told me that if I followed his two rules, wearing my compression binder and abstaining from physical activity for four weeks, I would have a great result. He ended the appointment by answering a few last minute questions I had and sent me and my Mom out to enjoy New York City for the remainder of the day.


The surgery was probably the easiest thing I’ve ever done. I arrived at Dr. Jacobs’ office at 8am and was promptly taken back to an examination room where I changed into my operating gown and socks. The anesthesiologist, Dr. Calvello (great, easy-going guy), came in and told me exactly what to expect from the anesthesia. Dr. Jacobs came in after I met with Dr. Calvello. He went over the procedure again, directed me to take my anti-nausea medication, and took pre-op photos. I was then led back into the operating room, poked with a tiny catheter for anesthesia (pretty painless), and told that in a minute or two I would feel like I’ve had a few margaritas. After what felt like a minute, my surgery was complete and I woke up gently in recovery. I met with Dr. Jacobs in his office after surgery where he told me that my surgery was excellent and reviewed what to expect in the next 48 hours.


I returned to my hotel and slept for about an hour. I woke up very sore and took two Tylenol Extra Strength tablets, which quickly took care of the soreness. I only took three doses total of Tylenol Extra Strength and never once had to take the prescription pain medication – not bad, huh? I ate a small snack to make sure I could hold down food and a few hours later had a decent meal as my appetite returned. The next day I woke up feeling pretty normal, but later in the day became quite tired – exactly what Dr. Jacobs said would happen. I napped off and on for the remainder of the day and by the third day the fatigue was pretty much gone.

On Thursday morning, I woke up and took my first shower post-surgery. I have to admit I was kind of scared to take off my bandages and look at my new chest, but nothing could have prepared me for what I saw – a new, completely flat and masculine chest. I don’t think I’ve ever been that happy in my life. Shortly after, I went back to Dr. Jacobs’ office for my post-op appointment. He said my chest looked wonderful for being only 2 days out of surgery and that I had only a minimal amount of swelling and bruising. He took some more photos, reviewed again what to expect in the upcoming weeks and months, and sent me on my way back to Houston.

I’m currently back home, taking it easy, and eager for the next four weeks to pass when I can take off my binder and start lifting weights. Call me a weirdo, but I actually kind of like the feeling of the compression binder around my chest and it feels strange taking it off to shower. It was uncomfortable for the first day or two, but adjusting to it wasn’t nearly as bad as I’ve read about. Right now, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t develop a hematoma or excess scar tissue. I’ve got a bit of an irrational fear that one evening I’ll take off my bandages before a shower and find a hematoma or something unusual, but as Dr. Jacobs says it’s important to remain optimistic and be positive.

Again, I can’t speak enough about the professionalism and expertise of Dr. Jacobs. I recommend him without question to anyone who is considering surgery for gynecomastia. My battle with gynecomasia is officially over and I won!


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Great post - I have scheduled surgery with Jacobs next month.  Do you think your physical state immediately post-surgery could be mistaken for like-a hernia surgery or something?  I know it sounds pathetic but I'm trying to hide the surgery completely from everyone except my Mom (who's going with me).  My plan is to hopefully just go back home after the surgery and immediately fall asleep so no one asks any questions.  If they catch on - I"ll tell them I had a surgery that I had surgery to repair a hernia... or something.  Were you like, wrecked, after surgery or do you think this plan is possible? 

Also - Pix!  Post them please!

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That doesn't sound pathetic at all. It's been really hard for me to tell the other guys in my family and I don't know that I ever will. I didn't tell anyone except my Mom (who also came with me) and my two best friends.

Due to the type of anesthesia used for the surgery, you won't feel or appear wrecked at all. You'll wake up very gently in recovery and your chest will still be numb from surgery, so you'll actually feel pretty darn good...just slightly wobbly. I remember the anesthesiologist coming into the room to check on me after I had woken up and he goes, "Wow, you don't even look like you just had surgery." You'll be quite sore once the numbness wears off. The soreness is easily handled with Tylenol Extra Strength (500mg). Also, you'll be wearing a compression binder, so your motion will be somewhat limited because of this and residual soreness. The binder is easily concealed under clothing, but for me it does something to my posture making it slightly noticeable. I don't know if it's just me because I'm fully aware of the fact that I just had surgery, but I haven't had anyone say anything so far. If I do get a comment my plan is to say that I'm wearing a back support for my posture. You definitely won't have to go as far as saying that you had a hernia or anything.

I'll definitely post pictures soon. I get so excited when I take off my bandages and look at my chest before showering that I keep forgetting to take after photos!

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Glad to hear everything went ok do you have any pics ?


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