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Firstly, I wish to thank everyone on this forum. After years of solitude and not knowing what my condition was, this forum is where I got all the information regarding this condition and ways to correct it. Had it not been the courage displayed by the forum members, and their support, I would have still been living with my boobs.

I am a 30 year old thin male and have had this condition since puberty. My condition was described by Dr. Fielding as Mild to Severe and he recommended a bilateral excision with liposuction.

So, after 2 years of my first consultation, I decided that enough is enough and decided to go for it. I must say I was extremely scared, especially at the though of being completely asleep with general anaesthesia. Thoughts of mortality crossed my mind - I even typed up a will!

My impression of Dr. Fielding
I only consulted with Dr. Fielding and decided to go with him, purely because of the members of this forum. Personally, I found Dr. Fielding a comforting personality, but I was not fully happy with his conduct - he seemed to rush though his consultations with me to lessen his line of patients. Also, I was quite shocked initially of the need to not even get blood-work done to determine platelet counts etc. prior to going to surgery. Anyway, having read from several individuals on this forum about his results, I decided to go with him regardless. Results were all that I was after.

3 Weeks leading up to surgery
I cleaned my act together. It had taken me quite a few years from the time I was financially capable of undergoing the procedure to the time I actually decided to go for it due to me being a smoker. I had always been unsuccessful at quitting smoking, and hence I had decided against the surgery till I quit.

3 weeks before the surgery, I made up my mind and with the flip of a mental switch, I have never looked back. No gum, no patches or any other smoking aids. Although, I gave up drinking alcohol and coffee as these were my biggest triggers for smoking.

To clear my head and increase my metabolism, I took up running.

Day of the Surgery
Mentally this day was quite intense. I have no family, and I did not wish to tell my friends about what surgery I was about to undergo, so I told one trusted buddy that I was having a tumour removal and he offered to pick my up from the hospital.

I reached about 4 hours early to the hospital. Not being able to eat since 12 the previous night was making me uneasy at home. After all the forms and formalities, I spend 3.5 hours in the waiting room in a surgical gown.

I had a brief talk with the anaesthetist and we walked towards the Operating Room. I saw Dr. Fielding outside the OR, talking to two interns and he didn't look at me or acknowledge me. We entered the OR where "I wan't to break free" by Queen was playing with the nurses singing to it - quite ironic I thought. Dr. Fielding asked my how I was doing, I told him that I was anxious. He made a joke drew two circles on my chest and started talking to the two interns. The nurse hooked up the IV, the anaesthetist told me that he will administer medicine to calm me, and I don't remember a thing till I woke up.

I woke up shaking and the nurse put two wet blankets on me and gave all I heard was give him morphine. She said that twice, and I don't remember a thing for a bit. She gave me two percocet's and I rested there for 3 hours.

Walking was a challenge, but I was able to use the washroom.  My friend arrived after and we headed home.

Night of the surgery at home

So I hadn't been given any instructions by Dr. Fielding as to what to do after the surgery, except for a piece of paper that he gave to the nurse to give to me. It did not mention anything about how to sleep etc.

There was not much pain except on the top of my right chest - still quite faint and manageable

Based on what I had read on this forum, I decided to heed the advice and took a perc and slept on the couch. This had been my concern as I sleep on my stomach so the couch guarantees that I won't turn over.

I sleep good, though my heart beat felt erratic - they give you close to 12 medications at the hospital during surgery!

Next 3-5 Days

Day 1-2

I did not have a need for pain killers at all. The pain level was extremely faint, with people describing a post-heavy workout feeling to be quite true. The only pain I felt was on the top of my right chest (felt like the liposuction prove had gone too high and hurt some nerve endings). other pain was when I lifted my arms past my shoulder height. Also, I could see bruising under my armpits.

Day 3

Had my follow-up with Dr. Fielding. He again looks extremely rushed. he checked for hematomas and said that things looked good to him and that I should see him after 3 months. I asked him if he wanted to see me the following week to remove the sponge/ dressing and he said no - you can do that yourself lol.

Day 3 - Day 6
On Day 3 I came back and was playing around with my chest - feeling to see how things felt. On the top right of my chest where the pain was earlier, I felt hollowness and the sound of sound of fluid moving around when I pressed at certain regions - but no scarring/ bruising. I just found it amusing and the sensation itself was quite strange so I pressed along a few times.

Day 4: The same area where I pressed along the previous day and could feel moving around has developed bruising now! The skin itself in the entire region has turned yellow and I seem to feel a sharp prick-like pain there ever so often. Still no need to take painkillers.

I was told bruising is normal, so I am ignoring it for now.

Day 5: Still have bruising and the yellow color over my right chest where I pressed around couple of days ago. I can't wait for two more days to pass as I can take the sponge and the compression vest off. The compression vest is in some serious need of washing and I need a big shower too!! Man, I feel itchy below the compression vest!


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I hope you are doing good... but did the will include any donations to some charity maybe that might open for gyno patients ?  ;D Just wondering what a 30 year old writes in a will cause i just hit 30.

PS: any pics so far post and pre ?


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