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Whats up everybody! I'm 17 years old and Ive had gynecomastia since i was 12. Interestingly I had it in both sides to begin with but when i was 14 the right side went away and the left side got worse (incidentally this is also around the time I began smoking weed - really fast I just wanna say this; I believe that smoking weed does not cause gynecomastia, however, it can exacerbate it a lot).
Anyway I just got back from the hospital about an hour ago and I gotta went so much better than I thought it would. Heres the blow by blow
For 2 weeks prior to the surgery I was not allowed to smoke tobacco or drink alcohol, or use any ibuprofen and some other painkillers, as well as avoid herbal supplements as these can all contribute to changes in blood flow. I showed up at the hospital (kaiser antioch) around 12:30 on Sept. 6th even tho my surgery was acheduled for 3:15. It was good that I got there early tho so I could get comfortable. The nurses there were super chill and helpful so it was easy for me to relax. My anaesthesiologist was this cool little asian lady who answered all my questions. One of the nurses (idr her name tho) put a heaet moniter on me, and an O2 sensor, and fonally an IV. I'm not a fan of needles at all but she was really good at it so I barely noticed. Anyway I kicked it for a bit joking around with the nurses untill it was time for my surgery. It was hella funny cuz I decided I wanted to go to the bathroom before I went in and somehow My apron thing got taped to my ass so I had to get help from the cute brunette nurse ;D (no disrespect i just dont remember her name). Anyway they wheeled me over on my stretcher to the actual room where the surgery would take place, and put some sort of relaxant into the IV drip. I started feeling chilled out and then i don't remember a thing. Next thing i can remember is waking up in a recovery room feeling a little out of it. Very litle pain actually it was a lot like Ive read it described here feeling like a hard workout. I didnt need a drain so I was pretty happy. Anyway i finally got to eat for the first time in like 24 hours so I was feeling a lot better. I got 2 shots of pain meds thru my IV, and once I was stable my mom drove me home.
All in all not a bad experience. Actually going under is kinda fun. And the doc plugged it with norco for the pain so I might double dose tomorrow haha get me feelin extra good ;D

So if you have any questions feel free to ask, i'll be putting up some pre op photos sometime soon, and when i go for my checkup next week Ill get the during op and 1 week later pics if i can. I won't give out the name of my surgeon yet cuz I forgot to ask him if it was okay for me to say, but as far as I can tell he did a pretty good job.

Btw kaiser (norcal)  DOES cover this surgery (it only cost me a 150$ copay and like 280$ for the compression vests) since it is an actual medical diagnosis but i believe the process I took made it a lot more likely and it may depend on your healthcare plan. First I talked to my pediatrician who recommended me to a teen specialist, who the rec'd me to a plastic surgeon after consulting a endocrinologist and discussing my medical history ( i admitted to smoking a lot of marijuana for the last 2 years but i stopped 5 months prior to surgery - except for the Slightly Stoopid concert). She was cool about it and rec'd me anyway. When I did a preop visit to my plastic surgeon I thought he would deny the claim  but he didnt so it was all good.

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