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So about a year ago I had my manboobs removed for lack of a better word, and decided that now would be an appropriate time for me write a follow up review on my experience with Dr. Pensler.

First I wanna start by saying that the surgery was a success, with very minimal scarring. My scars are around the aereola, making them barely visible. I'm not gonna say that it is completely not visible, but he definitely did a great job with making sure that it circled around my aereola very well, and did his best job to make it not visible.

At our first meeting, he seemed very enthusiastic and took pictures, and was very open to answering any questions and did a good job at making me feel comfortable and he even showed me pictures of what to expect after my surgery. Scheduling my surgery was also very easy, and I was able to get it within a few months.Overall, it was a very good first consultation experience,

On the day of the surgery, the nurse was super sweet and helped make me feel as comfortable as possible. In fact I was very nervous at first, and after she sat me down and explained the procedure to me and what not, I was actually excited for the surgery because she made me feel really comfortable and ready for it. I had the option of having local anesthesia since I felt more comfortable with it. It was completely painless, and went by really fast. You're literally laying there, and then they inject the anesthetic, and then your out (boy what a trip that was  ;D), and you wake up on the surgery bed wondering "what that's it?".
The surgery itself went smoothly, and went by very fast, and was literally painless, although near the end of it I felt some tugging as he was sewing me up again, but there was no pain, just pulling.

Here comes the worst part, the first 2 weeks. On the first 2-3 days I was literally bed bound, and the compression garment was rather annoying, but believe me It's totally worth it once you wait it out. As soon as I got to take my bandaids off I was literally amazed at how flat my chest was. finally, I was able to let go of all the self conciousness about my chest and pecs, literally life changing.

Months 1-6: Keep in mind you just had your breasts pried open and the fat and glands sucked out, so those suckers are gonna be swollen. My first 1-6 months I panicked, because my chest was starting to look manboobish again and I was literally going insane from it. I thought that my surgery was a waste of money and I was literally depressed for a while. However, wait it out. this is do to your body needing to heal the swelling.

Doctors usually say the swelling goes away more earlier than it actually does. Yeah the "primary" swelling per se goes away relatively quick, but there is still minor swelling that takes more than year to go away. Keep in mind were dealing with nipples here too, so even the most miniscule of swelling could give the illusion of a bad job or swelling. Just wait it out.

after a year: I gotta say this was a great experience and can not appreciate my body more than ever, and it feels good to be able to walk with my chest open and confident, without worrying about my gyno. Overall I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Pensler if you're looking for a professional who's passionate about his work and know's what he's doing.


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I also had surgery by Dr.  Pensler back on june 14th of this year.  I did not have the man boobs however I had puffy nipples.  My experience was very similar to yours.  Little to no pain. My only consirn (and im trying to be understanding to the fact that my body is still healing) is now scar tissue or something has formed around the Areolas causing them to puff back out to the point they were at pre op if not even worse.  Frustrating!  Hopefully I get the results I had 1 week post op. 


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