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I made a thread with pics four years ago almost that can be found here:

And just yesterday, I got the surgery done for my chest, as well as my stomach. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and went to a private clinic for it.  I will have more before shots as well as some after shots in a couple months that i should be able to throw up here for you guys to check out.

The surgery went well, the surgeon came in and drew where he wanted to cut and stuff while I was standing so there weren't ant mistakes while I was laying down. The anesthetist or whatever came in as well beforehand and asked me some questions and made sure everything was fine and he didn't have to do anything special.

I had to put on compression stockings on my legs to help with the blood flow to my upperbody while i wasn't moving on the table. When I got to the surgery room, and up on the table, they put me under covers, put something on my legs to kinda massage them off and on for increased blood flow. They also strapped my arms out to the sides. They then stuck me with a needle to numb the area on my left arm, then another needle that went in deeper that I could feel the pressure of, but nothing else. Then the nurse put an oxygen mask over my mouth, I breathed that in, the anesthetist attached the liquid stuff to put me out, I felt some tingling and stuff through my shoulders and in less than thirty seconds I was out. 4 hours later i woke up in recovery and they put my compression vest on over my stomach, though no vest is going over my chest, though can't remember why. There's bandages over my chest though. The most annoying part of it is getting up and down out of bed, and part of my hands have been numb since yesterday and still are today, but its going away.

Now recovering, I take two extra strength tylenol and a Dilloted or whatever it is every 4-5 hours and it keeps the pain in check, though there's still some pain and uncomfort but what can ya expect? Especially with all I had to have removed.

All in all not a bad experience... but now I wait to see how it turns out. I have drains in my stomach that i have to empty twice a day (when i wake up in the morning, and when I go to sleep at night) that will be removed on wednesday the 19th, and stitches will be removed tuesday the 25th. I go in for my follow up appointment to get things checked out on June 2nd.

Can just hope for the best.

Gotta go eat now, though. :)


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Hope you are feeling ok and I'm looking forward to seeing some after pics!

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Hey Gavin, thanks for the update.  My gyne is almost identical to your before pics (I just lost 170 lbs), so your case is one of the few I've seen here that I can really relate to.  In the end did they cut off all the excess skin and then re-attach the nipples higher up?  Hang in there, and I'm very curious to see your results.

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I'll post up some pics of my nearly 3 weeks after surgery maybe tomorrow. It went pretty well.

I got my lower stomach and my chest done. They didn't cut the nipples off, they moved them up so my nipples actually still have bloodflow and aren't just dead. Right now, I'm still really swollen and bruised so everything is still bigger than it'll be in the end, but hopefully within another month the swelling will be gone and I'll have the final results.

My nipples are still numb, and my stomach where i got a large pouch at the bottom removed is numb as well.

On my right nipple, there's some drainage around it that freaked me out at first. Steri-strips around the areola where the incisions were made were all bloody, and then kinda sunk in a bit, so I thought it was coming apart lol

Turnes out its just excess blood that's good to come out (still is a bit), because if it didn't, there'd be an increased risk of infection.

The recovery is not at all fun... the first week SUCKS lol  I was hoping that the meds would knock me out, or get me high or something, but they didn't come close, and I still hurt a good bit, and sleeping I found really tough with my stomach done, as I couldn't stretch out for a couple weeks entirely, and having to wear the compression vest on my stomach for 3 weeks.

The worst part though is being so useless for 6 weeks. I wanna work out so bad, and do other stuff, but I can't do anything lol..

At least I can walk around at least, so I can go do SOME things.

Fun times.


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