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Hello guys.  I just had surgery yesterday .. I ve been victim of gyne since I can remember and finally had surgery yesterday in orlando. I had moderate gyne and also assymertry (one bigger than other  ;) .. I was asked to come at 5:30 am for admission and other prep and doc was supposed to arrive at 7:30. I was dropped by a friend and was extremely nervous inside the prep room. They had problem giving me IV - i was shaking (nervousness and cold). Finally they were able to give me IV. My PS arrived at 7:30 and did some marking on my chest. Lot of circles and lines. He said everything's gonna be fine because I am healthy (thats right because I don't smoke  ;D) .. After that I was given anasthesia and don't remember a thing.. woke up arnd 10 nurse trying to wake me up and first thing I noticed was a cute nurse and a tight vest arnd me (eewww its too tight !!).. there was no other pain except for slight pinching due to vest I suppose. Nurse told me I had a lipo and Excision. I still haven't seen my results- i can't open my vest till 48 hours. I didn't see doctor after that. I am gonna call him tomorrow. I hope I recover soon , I ve to restart work from tuesday !!



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