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  It's been about 2.5 to 3 years post op, and I just realized how fantastic my results where recently. It all just hit me when I looked in the mirror and realized "Wow, I actually have good looking pecs now..." 

I remember making a review here earlier, but I was pretty thankful for my experience with this particular surgeon and I felt rather obliged to post a good review for the guy. He is very friendly and approachable, and makes you feel welcomed and comfortable during your consultation. I never felt rushed like I did at my other consultation, and he was more than willing to answer all my questions in a very professional matter.

A GREAT plus is he is able to work under (I believe the term was) local anesthesia. This means that you don't have to go unconscious with a breathing tube down your throat, and makes the surgery much more affordable because you're not paying so much for the anesthesia itself. Surgery was a breeze, took around an hour, and recovery was quick (about a month).

One important think to note is that it takes about a year to see the so called "final result" and even more to get over the psychological traumas and negative thoughts associated with gynacomastia, so some patience and self-care is crucial to a good recovery.

Overall, my experience with Dr. Pensler was life changing and will (most likely) leave you thankful for the rest of your life. It feels great to look good in just a plain Tshirt, or to actually develop pecs and not huge manboobs when you weightlift.



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Thanks for coming back and posting this so long after surgery! This is good testimony for both your experience and a good doctor! Not many are heard from after they are satisfied this many years after surgery!


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