Author Topic: Experience with Dr. Karidis (London) May 2010  (Read 2255 times)

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Experience with Dr. Karidis (London) May 2010
Hi guys

Quick introduction, had puffyness in the nipples since around age 12, started training years later to 'get rid of it', bodybuilder but have never touched Steroids. As the years went on the muscle pushed the gland out more so, very embarrasing and never took off my vest or could be proud. Constantly avoided wearing white or bright colours and fitted shirts. All clothes were highly patterned. Affected confidence big time as you can imagine..

Well 10 years later, and through the amazing help of forums such as this I plucked up the courage to visit Dr. Karidis who I had heard great reviews about here in London. I knew it'd be very costly but hey I worked hard and have paid this off. The consultation was great - Karidis knew what he was talking about and was confident he could get a great result from me.

fast forward 6 weeks (few days ago) I had my surgery done. Completely secret from everybody. Was knocked out by the anesthetic before I knew it and was in recovery....Its shocking how we wait years to get this done - and BOOM - its over  :)

2 days later and my mobility isnt 100% as expected. Incisions were made just under the nipple and in the armpits. I had gland removed and power assisted Lipo. The compression garment is actually quite annoying but worth it for the result im sure!

Pulling off the bandages off my nipples was a bit annoying for me , and took a while !!

But all in all I am very happy with the experience, his nurse even checked up on me today via phone call.

The whole point of this thread is for me to help any of you guys (especially in London) I understand your pain and the annoyance of having puffy nipples and ill be more than happy to help you all.

Thankyou for reading

Black Coffee.


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Thankyou so much for this post, its most helpfull. Im thinking of having surgery with this doctor for severe

gynecomastia, this post has gone some way in  helping me to pick up the phone and book a consult



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