Author Topic: Doc told me not to wear it!  //??  (Read 2717 times)

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Im 4 days post-op, also today he took me off the drains bandages, seems a good job. But he told that isnt necessary using a compression vest. What you guys think?.. Ah... and how about the fluids.. when this fluids goes away?>...



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my doc told me I only need to wear it for 2 weeks or so.

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They are all different. Mine told me 2 weeks 24/7, and than another 2 weeks only during the day and off at night. I've been wearing it 24/7 for the full 4 weeks.
I felt the compression vest helped to eliminate most of the pain. It stabolizes the surgical site, like a cast on a broken arm. Its very helpful.
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I would personally wear it for at least 4 weeks. Better safe than sorry. You can't go back and do it over if something goes wrong. Just don't tell your doc you are wearing it this way he can't blame the vest in case he made a surgical mistake.

Good luck.


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