Author Topic: Anyone travel to another country for Surgery?  (Read 1322 times)

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I was wondering if anyone has traveled to another country to have surgery? If so, how did it go with the traveling, lodging, filling medication outside of insurance, and post op visits?

Thank you in advance for those who respond...


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My dad is a DDS and sometimes has patients come see him after doing medical tourism for dental surgery. He says he often hardly has the heart to tell them how butchered their teeth are.

That has put me off to the notion of medical tourism in general.

Personally, I would only consider other developed, western countries for medical tourism, but most likely there is not much savings difference at that point.

South Korea may be one exception as that country is technologically/medically advanced despite its lower standard of living and weaker currency and it has a population that takes plastic surgery very seriously.

Still, in the US, you will pay more, but if something goes wrong or you were a victim of negligence, there is a better system in place for you. The rule of law is taken seriously and your physician is bound to be properly insured.

Also, the US is a famously litigious society, which garners us criticism, but it keeps doctors on their toes. It probably also translates into a higher costs for patients, as insurance costs are passed to them, but that cost is not without some degree of benefit.

In some other countries, the doctor might not care so much if he messed up during your case because he knows you will have no real recourse. (He or she, I mean).

Also, you have to consider the cost of international flights when going abroad. You may save on the cost of surgery but end up spending most or all of that savings on flights and lodging. And if there are complications later, they might be more costly because you will have to fly back to see your doctor.


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