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Pleased to say that site colous have improved to the point that most complaints have gone away but has anyone thought of offering a few contrasting themes that folk could choose to suit their own sight and preferences?
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Have you found some kind of color choice that I haven't found?  I have not noticed any improvement.  The tall, skinny, gray font and especially the orange against gray is very hard to read.  It's not too bad when I'm up really close on my laptop; but on my desktop with a much bigger monitor which is 3 feet from my face, the font color and style here are extremely hard to read.  Other web pages are fine, as long as they don't try to "soften" the writing with that blasted gray font.  I can see them, but that "softened" writing dramatically reduces my reading speed and comprehension.

Separate problems are that I am usually unable to post pictures, and that the avatars are very stretched vertically, and that the search doesn't work.


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I left because of the look and colours but missed the site , had a look and it seemed easier to read somehow. I am sure my eyesight has not improved.
To answer your question, No I have found a secret colour setting, hence my suggestion for themes.
Also I agree that the new site has a whole host of probs. Some Becky has kindly sorted but all my old posts now  are  attributed to DW20 Guest and they don't seem to link them or   reinstate my bronze status
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Could not agree more with MarcoB regarding the virtually illegible font. Bad enough on a large screen, but really hard to see on a tablet or phone. I wish there was a way to opt for a boring but legible font.


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