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As we all know, you will be retiring soon.  Just a couple of questions.  First, will you still be participating on this board after you retire?

Also, after you are no longer practicing, would it be possible for you to furnish a list here of some other plastic surgeons around the country that you could personally recommend for gyne surgery?  Such a list could be other surgeons whom you know employ your specific techniques or that you simply know to be adequately experienced and good at correcting gynecomastia.  

I think such a list could be very helpful and valuable for those considering surgery following your retirement.  I know you can't possibly know every great gyne surgeon around the country, but for the ones that you DO know, it would be nice to know who they are, after you, one of the preeminent leaders in the field, are no longer available.  



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I was going to ask him for Va recommendations, insurance will approve me to see a surgeon on Friday

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bump, would be interested in seeing answer...
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