Author Topic: are there doctors for this only in America ?  (Read 1740 times)

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Hi , im from europe i have this problem i want to know are there any doctors sepcialized for this in Europe ?  :'(


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no, you can deal with it there.  i've seen accounts of good results out of sweden, holland, england, and others.  it is probably less known as a specialty in some places, but you should be able to search up somebody on the net with no problem.  as in the states, you want a plastic/cosmetic surgeon who knows gyne specifically.  i've known of some people who've traveled to the states, but that should not really be necessary.  if you have to travel in europe though, consider it.  you have the advantage of being covered, but you may have to work to prove necessity or go the private surgery road instead, but usually not.  use the site search engine here to see if you can find any information specific to your country.  good luck. 
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Hi, I have been performing Gynecomastia correction using liposuction and excision for more that 18 years now in Chennai, India, at Hande Hospital which is a 50 bedded hospital. This forum should encourage surgeons with experience to join so that patients in this part of the world will also benefit.


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