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First, I'd like to commend Merle Yost on having evolved to such a wonderful website.  I had the pleasure of working with Merle many years ago when he was just starting the original forum.  I had transcribed boxes of questionnaires into a usable database for him, even had two-three phone calls with him at the time.  Truly, a deeply committed person.
I'd like to share some wisdom from a person with this condition for about 56 years now.
Speaking only as a straight male to the youth with this dreaded condition, who are worried about dating or eventually marrying a girl, I say Don't Worry.  Unless you have tons of cash , you aren't going to get a NY model.  Stick to your neighborhood, at the girl next door.
Everyone has physical problems, and the more severe, the less self-esteem one will have.
You will simply gravitate to a girl /spouse with a self-esteem level that will accept you for who you are.  I offer two case in points.  I have a very noticeable condition; my wife had very poor teeth.  We are now married 46 years.
Trying to deal with this condition is much more difficult for a juvenile than as an adult. At age 13, I embraced BDSM as an "out".  Some will grab a cigarette, alcohol, meth, heroin, etc to deal with this social stigma.  We all need a mental release to cope with this condition.
I thought that I had discovered something quite erotic putting alligator clips on my nipples then hanging steel nuts on them, not knowing that was something extremely common in BDSM circles
At age 16, I read an ad in a copy of NY's Village Voice, a rather artsy, avant-garde weekly paper,.of a BSDSM club forming in lower Manhattan. ( I believe this is the group that evolved into the now well-known Eulenspiegal Society formed in the early seventies)
I stayed for a year and a half with them.  I had truly found acceptance.  No one harassed me, and no one subjected me to public ridicule.  I was  befriended by a couple in their fifties, and learned quite a lot from them.  That was the first time I had fully undressed in view of a woman, then a stranger to me.  Again, no ridicule.  I found friendship !!


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Thanks for sharing. 
My wife and I both wear a 36G in most of our bras. 
She gets it. She doesn't expect me to go braless anymore than she would. We share a lot of our bras which makes it nice to essential double our bra wardrobes. 
She is a very special lady who understands my special needs.
Bras aren't for women, they're for breasts.

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I want to mention, I never had a problem with the girls.  I have had exactly 1 woman (or girl) in 55 years say anything at all about my breasts even though larger than most of the girls'. 


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