Author Topic: Tender nipples for two years and considering second surgery.  (Read 2414 times)

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Hi guys,
First of all English is my second language so apologies if i make any grammar mistakes.
I was just wondering if there are any other guys out there with the same problem I have.
I am 34 yo and 2 years ago I was stupid enough to do a course of steroids to gain weight. I already had a good body from going to the  gym 5 times a week and cycling to work every day. The whole steroid cycle lasted 5 weeks and the results where amazing. Around the 3rd week into the cycle my nipples starting to hurt but I didn't paid much attention to it. I didn't know either that you could get gyno from steroid use.
Not until a friend told me I had to go to see a doctor I did so. The doctor prescribed me tomaxifene but the side effects i got where nasty. I tried to take that stuff but could only put up with it for 2 weeks. I got massive headaches and it also affected my vision. I must say though the pain on the nipples disappeared and also most of the puffiness but I had to quit the treatment.
My nipples continued to grow and they kept hurting. I had blood test and they all where OK. All hormones levels where within the normal range also. The Doctor did not know what else to do so he suggested to have surgery.

I spent the whole summer avoiding the beach or removing my shirt in public.  I waited for 8 months until I decided I had to have surgery. The results right after the surgery was done were amazing. I was totally over the moon and couldn't believe my luck.
I had gladular tissues taken out from both sides. No need to have lipo since it was all glandular.
About a week after having surgery the burning sensation I had in my nipples before came back. I went to see the PS and he said that was from the healing process. I knew my body pretty well and i knew that was glandular tissue growing back but believed my PS and waited patiently for the burning sensation to go. Three months after the surgery I decided to see an endocrinologist. Again i had all tests done and nothing was wrong! He prescribed me a different type of estrogen blocker called rolaxifene. Again I had bad side effects, headaches, blurry vision, tiredness, body just doesn't go very well with estrogen blockers at all.. The endocrinologist's recommendation was to wait until the tenderness goes away and to have a second operation.

I definitely want to have a second operation but don't want to do it until my nipples stop growing. Don't want to have to go thu the same thing again.

I contacted my PS and asked him if it was possible to remove the whole gland and he said he wouldn't do that because that would ruin the look of my chest and I could end up with a deformity. He recommended to wait until my hormones get back to normal, but they are normal! That's what the blood tests say!!!! It is just way too frustrating.

I know my problem was totally self inflected and regret about my stupid actions.

I guess i just wanted to share my story with everyone and see if there was anyone else with the same problem. I hate my sore nipples and I have put up with this for too long!

Take care guys and thanks for reading!



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