Author Topic: Surgery 9 years ago, looking for revision  (Read 2149 times)

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had surgery about 9 years ago.  Not sure exactly what type of tissue was removed. The doctor said it was gynecomastia.  It felt like soft tissue under the nipple area on both sides.  I told the doctor that I wanted a flatter chest.  My nipples stuck out and were puffy.  Not a severe case at all.  After the surgery I noticed that one side of my chest around the nipple area was indented, and remained indented. Like the skin is pulling it inward. I can feel some hard tissue under the nipple.  You can really see it when you look at the side of the chest. The other side of my chest isn't as bad, but when you look at it from the side you can see a small indention.  I guess what Im saying is each side of breast is not perfetly round so it looks terrbile when the skin pulls it in.  You can really see the depressions when out in the sun. I avoided it for all these years, but I cant take it anymore.  Is there a way to correct this.



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