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need some help here, I had gyno surgery for puffy nipples a highly respected surgeon in NY, back in 2007, I am currently 28 yrs old. My gyno was from puberty (I believe anyways,) I have never done any steroids. The first surgery was great, however I developed some scar tissue on my left side, my right side remains perfect. I had a second revision surgery shortly after the first, within the year to remove the scar tissue. My left nipple had always felt different than the right, I could always feel lumps like, I figured it was scar tissue and that was that but lately I say the past few weeks I can't stop examining my nipple, I feel like its gyno is growing back. My left nipple appears to be sticking out more. It seems to be sticking out more and more each day and it feels more lumpy. I almost feel it growing back, I feel sensations in the breast area at times. Should I consider a third revision surgery?



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