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I'm from Israel and I had my op about two weeks ago.

My condition was pretty mild (to my opinion) and I probably needed just an excision.

The doctor did the excision on both nipples.
He also did a little lipo around the right nipple and some more lipo arround the left nipple (The lipo on this side felt very aggressive comparing to the other side).

Currently I'm only half  happy with my results.

The right nipple looks very good, flat and normal, But the left nipple is still puffy and bruised.
I can see a big blue stain around it. Probably an internal bleeding or an edema.

I wear a compression vest, but my concern is the doc didn't took enough gland from my left nipple and was more focused with the lipo on this side.

I have a few question for you guys who already had the procedure:

Could the puffy left nipple be a result of an edema caused by the aggresive lipo?
Is it possible for the puffy nipple to go away after a month of using the compression vest?

Can I ask for a revision since my nipples don't look equal now?

Will this revision cost any more money?

How much time should I wait before I can be sure the puffiness wouldn't go away without a revision?

Thanks, and I will appreciate answers even though I haven't post any pics.


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2 weeks is really really really early.
at the end of the day you have had surgery and your not going to heal overnight.
you need to give time for your body to heal itself.

I'm sure your PS has booked you in for a follow up visit, Make sure you raise any concerns with him then so he can explain to you whats going on and how things work.
I wouldn't get caught up thinking about a revision at the 2 week mark. You may find that you've been worrying for no reason.



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