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Hello there,

I am seeking some much needed advice. I have undergone liposculpture surgery on my chest and have not been 100% happy with the results. I believe I still have puffy nipples that cone outwards. I have spoken to my surgeon 6 months later, and mentioned how they still bother me, however he stopped me there and said abruptly that no further work is needed. He does not want to touch the nipple as they will differ significantly, large scars will be evident under the nipple. He says that I will probably even more unhappy afterwards and will come back to him highly upset. Is this true? Should I fight more to be done? I was left feeling really negative and didn't want to argue as a doctor probably knows best. When mentioning I heard about gland removal he said 'speak to who you heard about it but I will not do it.' Through my distress and leaving the surgeon's office my coordinator noticed my upset and was empathetic to me - she went on to arrange a second opinion from another surgeon.

On meeting the second surgeon, I expressed my concern about my puffy nipples and she agreed to seeing the puffy nipples (but states they are not bad, she went on to say have you seen famous footballers chests? this didn't help the situation), however also does not want to touch due to it being counted as 'body modification' referring back to surgeon 1's notes. She also went on to saying the scarring will be worse and there will be hanging skin if whatever is behind the nipple gets removed. - stating i will be more worried afterwards. I'm obviously not happy, and have had a nightmare with the clinic since day one. everything rushed, no real sense of sensitivity i was brushed off at both accounts. - although not disregarding the information provided by either,  I'm not entirely sure if this is the end of my road for my 'normal' looking chest.

I was under the impression that the skin would retract, however the surgeon is saying differently. Apparently the skin will hang as there is nothing behind for it to stick to she basically stressed i would be even more unhappy after doing this - skin hanging reasons, bad scarring, uneven aureola's, risk of even severe bleeding after surgery that may not stop. It was difficult for me sitting there as i felt like i was losing the battle straight from the moment i walked into the office anything i said just had a counter opinion - this was horrible as it is really a huge issue for me that really affects my well being - Id do anything for my nipples to look 'normal' . The outcome of the second opinion was to see another doctor (only offered after being stressed, upset and highly dissatisfied (sound familiar to first instance?) got me this option i couldn't leave with being done and dusted a life with puffy nipples, no way!) who is more open in his boundary's i.e. willing to give everything a try regardless of negative outcomes, i was told if this doctor says no then to basically leave it that.

What I want to this know is this vital question. Am i going to receive the same advice, will gland removal or sucking behind any fat create more problems for me. I think its the miracle cure but both surgeons are reluctant to doing it. Is it a real reason, do i live with puffy nipples? . My concern is maybe my further work of nipple surgery and removal of any glandular tissue goes beyond the contract of the initial procedure I've already had, maybe as it was just liposuction they are not covered to do gland removal under the same terms of revision - maybe its costly for them or leaves room for more problems (excessive bleeding etc which they dint want to run the risk of especially when doing work already done by a previous surgeon) and this could be secretly why they are reluctant to do further work? I don't know if that was a valid point, I'm literally trying to think of everything. Even if this cant be covered by the aftercare option that was given it was even marketed to me by my coordinator that if i was unhappy I could receive a revision surgery 'stating a lifetime of aftercare', being so down I'd be willing to pay even more money after already shedding a huge amount for the not so successful liposculpture. ahhh i don't know anymore, i keep my fingers crossed the 3rd surgeon will help, I'm not feeling very hopeful if honest -turned down by my first, second one exactly the same why would the 3rd go against the words of the first two. hmmm.. please help or give me reassurance (I apologise for the lengthy post) I look forward to hearing any response's, thanks in advance.



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