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 Really happy everything is going well for you. Hit the laxatives heavy, as the anesthetic and pain killers can bind you up and that can be miserable 
Nice support and shaping. No doubt you need to wear a bra for comfort and appearance 
That bra looks good on you
48 hours post-op

My only real discomfort is constipation and velcro from the vest rubbing against my shoulders. People aren't kidding when they say the experience was painless. I have to keep reminding myself that I had surgery, or else I'll start doing things I shouldn't. I feel like I can do anything I normally do.

Went for my first post-op appointment yesterday and got to look at things. The results look amazing. My boobs are really gone. Didn't take a post-op pic because my chest still has the marker lines all over and there's a good amount of bruising. I go back for the 1 week appt and that's when I'll have some real before and after pics.

I dreaded the thought of drainage tubes with bottles but none of that was needed. There hasn't been any leakage. I'm barely swollen at all. I really did not expect this whole thing to be so quick, simple and pain free.
That's all for now. I'll post pics when I have them.
I too will have back fat sometimes, but I have never had anyone turn around and look at my back. I think it looks good and I bet it feels better to have the support. I would say that is a good choice.
Yeah. Being only available in white it shows up under light colored T Shirts at the front if you look hard enough, and because it is a bit tight and squeezes my back fat it is visible from behind under a black T Shirt as well. But, it's a start. 
Have to say that seems to be doing a pretty good job and the shape it gives isn't overly obvious.

That seems to tick all the boxes for a 'first serious bra'! 
Some of you might have read my other posts and already know that I've occasionally worn bras for fun for years, but now I am wanting to find the right one to fit me now and into the future. I still dislike T Shirt bras but I might end up there one day.

It has only been recently that instead of bulky, retro looking bras, I have discovered a seamless soft cup bra in my size, which is not always easy to find. The bra is a Naturana 5220 size 40A. It is a bit tight and my wife's 40D wasn't overly big, so I have gone ahead and ordered a 42B (not available in 42A unfortunately) and when it arrives I'll compare them.

So, here is my first attempt at posting some pics!
Acceptance / Re: Sister sizing
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Yes, it certainly gives a different look compared to more modern designs!
If you are undergoing androgen deprivation therapy (for more than 6 to 9 months) for prostate cancer, breast enlargement most often happens (but not always).

There is a remedy that is effective in 80% of the time. That is a short course of radiation therapy to the breasts. Normally a few sessions at a 3 to 4 Gray radiation dosage. A prostate oncologist should have information about this (a urologist may not)
Thanks, MM.

I am aware of radiation used as a preventative against gynecomastia resulting from ADT and the chances of breast growth happening at all. From my research, the chance of gynecomastia from straight anti-androgens is around 70%, and from LHRH injections/implants, around 20%. I'm willing to take my chances and accept breast growth if it happens, especially if I can avoid other side effects, and if my breasts become bothersome later on then I might consider doing something about it. There is still a 30% chance of no growth at all!
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