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Acceptance / Re: What Do You Enjoy Most?
« Last post by Dudewithboobs on Today at 01:51:16 PM »
Yeah and I would not ever understand why a man would choose to increase prolactin given the assumed way to do so is overall increase of estrogen and such. Maybe if I was 65 and bored lol but I would never understand why a man would care to venture on to such protocols. 
Acceptance / Re: Posture correction
« Last post by Traveler on Today at 12:57:34 PM »
It’s been going well! Walking upright has made me a little more “loud and proud” but has mostly cured my mid back pain. I used too have to crack my mid back all the time but no more.
Still, I may be getting a little more looks, but not really, and still no comments. 
People just don’t seem to care.
U.K. / Re: Op' with Karidis on the 29th
« Last post by lucifer on Today at 12:14:24 PM »
Hi, not sure if anyone will actually read this, but I figure I may as well post for anyone interested

I had surgery with Dr. Karidis in 2012. For whatever reason, my serratus anterior muscle on one side never fully recovered from the surgery. I have an almost congealed fibrotic area (not immediately noticeable on the surface except when flexing) on the same side and as a result I get quite bad pain from the tension of the other muscles of my chest, shoulder and back up to my neck as they try to compensate for the paucity of tone in my serratus anterior.

As it has been some years since, I have rehabilitated myself as best as I could but it is still frustrating to have paid so much as to have lost such functionality in my body. Sitting on a chair can sometimes be uncomfortable as my scapula would wing (it has improved but plateaued) and the muscles towards my neck would burn from trying to hold my shoulder in the correct position (in vain).

For the fibrotic area on the chest, I have still troubles to connect my chest with my arms due to the disconnect the area causes in movement. It also looks imbalanced.

I was extraordinarily shy, and ashamed and worried before my surgery and afterwards. I didn't want anyone to know. I tried to bury my problems but it did cause me significant anguish privately that I couldn't stand straight, proud and relaxed in my own body as a result of my posture being antagonized by the lack of tone in this area. I considered scar injections to help with the fibrotic area, but reviews were mixed and I knew that the Dr doesn't seem to like doing them before I even went for a review.

I did go for a review check up with Karidis a few years later (I'm not from London). And before we could begin to discuss my problems or potential solutions (I did eventually get my point across; although it was barely received) Karidis was quick to fetch his camera so he could capture a 'success' story. I had to remind him that that was not something I would want in a month of Sunday's and bring back the follow up review to the crux that I wasn't happy and needed some solution (perhaps an adhesiotomy to reduce the congealed mess I spoke of earlier). He gave limp answers to the effect that there wasn't anything he could have done. He also seemed offended to think that he might have damaged my long thoracic nerve (the nerve responsible for the serratus anterior) even thought mine worked just fine before the surgery. In short, he was f'in useless. Limp and withering at best and it was very apparent that the camera he was so keen to force on me was the only thing he had seemed concerned about in the entire appointment.

As I left, I mentioned his behaviour to some other patrons in the lobby. Later I received some information from him about pain management consultants (expensive) in lieu of any treatment options put forward (or even taken into consideration) by himself. I am not so shy anymore. I've learned to live with what is now a fact of my life (that this part of my body  may never work as designed again) and although the cosmetic side is improved, I still have awkward lines of scar and sagging on one side (guess which one?). I just figured as I returned to this forum that I would explain some of my path following surgery and to advise that once your surgery with K is complete; don't hold your breath in expecting aftercare; unless you have a great result and are happy to jump in front of his camera.

I'm still in pain (mainly in my back from the tension caused by the disruption to the chest) everyday.

Acceptance / Re: Wearing a bra for now
« Last post by Graham on Today at 06:35:11 AM »
I really couldn’t deal with going to a shop with my mum to have a stranger measure my bust and try bras on. Bad enough my mum did it.
I’m 18
I’m guessing most 18 year old girls buy their own clothes like that .
And there is a difference between buying one in Walmart or going to Victoria’s Secret or another underwear shop

Conner your confidence and bravery is constantly growing. Tell yourself to keep working toward total acceptance, that means you are happy with everything about you, your place in life, the things you have, the clothes you wear... etc. Be proud to be you. Show your friends the strong confident you.
Your friends will love seeing your beautiful smile backed up by an aire of total confidence.
Acceptance / Re: Wearing a bra for now
« Last post by Graham on Today at 05:56:58 AM »
I used to care if my bra was visible until I didn't. A while back, a lady friend asked me, out of the blue, at lunch, " what size are you?". I knew what she mentioned but, I pretended not to know. I thought about denying it but the was no point. She told me how obvious it was and that she completely understood. I think that I was a DD or a DDD back then. I should have realized that at least to the people that I see everyday would notice not just the little bumps on my back but, the big bumps on the front. We are who we are and we should try to be proud of ourselves for doing what is best for ourselves. In this case, it's wearing a bra that improves our quality of life.

I object to culturalism. Mainly in the expectation of other members of THE culture to uphold the standards established as the cultural norm. If a tribe member came home wearing clothing from another tribe... Oh boy. Look out. Now the tribe may have a male member with gyn. And, just to illustrate a point, the tribe lives in an area for which clothing is least desired. Naturally in this scenario the women do not where ANY clothing over the torso. No-one does. and neither does our man with Gyn. So what's up with our cultural standards. There are inconsistencies. Gynecomastia is prevalent. The numbers of afflicted can be estimated. And those numbers are impressive. I think men with Gyn. should wear the clothing that works for them and step out proud to put their chest out and strut about as if to say I got em and you don't. I'm not sure how to change cultural norms in a quick way but it needs to happen.
Post Surgery and Healing After Surgery / Creasing? Will it improve?
« Last post by Herewego22 on Yesterday at 01:01:01 PM »
I have a bad crease on my left side, I'm a bit concerned I'll post pics, I just wanna know if anyone has had creasing this bad resolve.
User Photos / Re: Hello, I am sure that I have
« Last post by stereo7 on July 26, 2021, 03:03:29 AM »
Thank you all for the replies . I will go to a doctor to check it for first time in my life , and I need to lose all this fat whatever the doctor say for gynecomastia .
If you don't want to read below, this is my question, TL/DR: Understanding previously stated general guidance to wait 6 months to have surgery after coming off Accutane, has anyone on this forum had specific experience getting surgery while taking Accutane? Or have any doctors performed surgery on someone taking Accutane, and if so could you please provide me your specific experiences with this (specifically related to scar healing)?



I made an account on this forum many years ago, and recently have finally decided to schedule for gyno surgery. 

I scheduled for gynecomastia surgery with a well-known gynecomastia surgeon expert (well know enough that was booked so far out that earliest date could schedule from end of April was mid-September, which is when my procedure is set for...). I have 'mild puffy nipples' in my own words and was diagnosed with zone 1 gyno with puffy nipples. 

Unrelated, at the end of May I was prescribed Accutane (80mg/day at 85kg body weight) by my dermatologist for nodular/cystic facial/back acne. During the conversation with dermatologist, the topic of surgery never came up and didn't think there was any reason to mention the scheduled gyno surgery. Since then, I have found references online saying that one MUST wait 6 months after coming off Accutane before doing ANY elective surgical procedure for fear of improper scar healing or formation of hypertrophic/keloid scarring. This obviously scared the heck out of me, so I called both my dermatologist and surgeon to ask them about this. 

My dermatologist said that there was in the past a hard rule to wait 6 months before doing any procedure, but that this guidance was likely very overly conservative and has been challenged recently, and that the overwhelming likelihood is there will be no difference in my surgical experience/scar healing due to Accutane. He could not recall a specific experience he had with a patient having a surgery while on Accutane, and said that there was not a great deal of research on this topic as not a large number of cases studied where folks get surgery while on Accutane. 

My surgeon said that there should be no problem whatsoever with having the surgery while on Accutane. Stated that would only be concerned if skin grafting were to be involved, which would not done in my case. Said he has only operated on those taking Accutane a few times, but on issues with scar healing in those cases. 

I searched this forum for 'Accutane' and found below linked threads where multiple doctors (Jacobs, Cruise, and Pope) all stated to follow guidance of waiting 6 months after finishing Accutane to have surgery. Could not find any example where someone had surgery while on Accutane. However these threads are 8 years old at the most recent. 

I have also found a number of articles/papers from the recent years linked below (the first of which is from the British journal of dermatology) that challenge the guidance that one must wait 6 months after finishing Accutane to have surgery. They seem to indicate there is not a great deal of data, but no hard clear-cut evidence linking poor surgical scar healing to Accutane usage. 

Incidentally, in the past 2 months on Accutane I suffered a few minor burns to my arms/wrists (burned myself cooking a couple times) that initially formed darkly colored scars (but seemingly not worse than what I've experienced in the past before taking Accutane) that are seemingly healing normally and are much lighter in color now then when first happened and are not keloid. 

All that said, my questions for this forum: Has anyone here had surgery while on Accutane that would be willing share their experiences, specifically related to scar healing? Do the doctors on this forum still hold strong to not performing surgery on a patient taking Accutane until they are 6 months off the drug? Have they ever operated on patients taking Accutane, and if so how many times and what were the results?

With all the above said, I really do NOT want to postpone the surgery (following 6 month guidance this would be postponed until next May...) for a number of reasons, but I would very much appreciate any anecdotal experiences that any forum members could provide on this topic. Currently I am strongly considering having the surgery, and perhaps ceasing the medication for several days prior to/after the procedure out of an abundance of caution. 

Threads on this forum talking about Accutane usage related to Gyno surgery, latest from 2013:

Articles/papers challenging 6 month waiting period for having surgery after Accutane, latest from 2018:

Thanks again to this forum for all the information/support it has provided!

Breast tissue (gland) is not hormonally active.  Thus there should be no hormonal changes after your breast tissue is removed.  However, there may be other unrelated changes in your body due to other factors which might affect your hormones.

Best to check with an endocrinologist if you suspect any problems..

Dr Jacobs
Gynecomastia Talk / Re: Finasteride & Gynecomastia
« Last post by Rich meier on July 23, 2021, 12:56:50 PM »
I also take 5mg of finasteride for 15 years , same problem but  with other drugs that I need to take that also  can  cause breasts  that I need to take . zocor. nexium and dexilant started at 38b went to 40c now 46c was also on spiro for 7 years that really made them grow . doesnt bother me to have breasts and I enjoy having them and wearing bras now i also wear womens bladder control panties no bulky pads works  great not cheap but feel and fit good.called speax. bought the wife some too
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