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Thank you! Appreciate the feedback. 
Photos / Re: Pictures with t shirt on
« Last post by SideSet on Yesterday at 04:06:34 PM »
So true, blad, so true. 

 I am always more comfortable and confident wearing a bra. When I am braless all that juggling and nipples rubbing inside my tops feels unpleasant, but I also know how suggestive it is, so I worry what people think because I can see both men and women looking extra long at my bust 
Photos / Re: Pictures with t shirt on
« Last post by blad on Yesterday at 02:29:54 PM »
The shaping and control of a bra definitely improves my appearance and confidence. I feel naked in public without a bra.
You have a very good outcome, for sure.  The elevation at the scar may be a hypertrophic scar that would respond to steroid injection. Other than that, I would just let it heal.
Photos / Re: Pictures with t shirt on
« Last post by Johndoe1 on Yesterday at 06:46:39 AM »
I think that model is more full busted than she appears.
That bra does not fit the model. The gore is not tacking and I suspect this is a classic case of cups too small, band too large and the wrong style for the body. I hear women complain all the time how you would expect a manufacturer would want their product to be presented correctly.
Photos / Re: Pictures with t shirt on
« Last post by Traveler on April 16, 2021, 01:48:21 PM »
I totally agree with the others that a good bra is one of the most important factors in keeping the girls concealed. With the proper shape and a tee with some body to the fabric, we can look a little chesty instead of busty. I have to be careful when sitting down that I don’t “shelf” over the table, but overall I’m unremarkable when I’m out and about.
Photos / Re: Pictures with t shirt on
« Last post by Dale Warnio on April 16, 2021, 01:21:43 PM »
 I have heard lots of women say the same thing about a favorite bra.  When they have an old standby, they will buy several, and often more if they know it’s about to go out of stock. 

So glad you try on.   I think it’s impossible to buy a bra without trying it on first.  You need to wear a bra as much as any woman does, so it’s good you’re comfortable going into the Intimate apparel department  to look at, try on, and buy bras with all the other women doing the same.   you have a breasts like a woman, need to wear a bra like a woman, so you should be able to go bra shopping just like every other woman 
Photos / Re: Pictures with t shirt on
« Last post by curiousk on April 16, 2021, 11:51:29 AM »
I check out bras often as well.

I did try it on.  I have pics of my trying this one on in one of my previous posts in the photo section.  At that time, I had a bit of room around the underwire.  I don't anymore.  I love this one.  Very once in awhile, they'll have 1 or 2 for sell.  Maybe they find some in a warehouse or a storage area in a store.  If I find one in my size, I'll buy it quickly.
Photos / Re: Pictures with t shirt on
« Last post by SideSet on April 16, 2021, 11:34:48 AM »
 Oh, I like that bra. I like looking at bras.  Studying them. I think we look more closely at bras than a lot of women do. 

That bra looks like it’s very comfortable and with a lot of support, and the type of bra you would want to wear when you’re not looking to emphasize your breasts.   It’s not a minimizer, because it does not spread the breast tissue as widely, but it almost acts like a minimizer. 

I think that model is more full busted than she appears. 

 When you bought those bras, did you go in and try it on? 
Photos / Re: Pictures with t shirt on
« Last post by curiousk on April 16, 2021, 10:32:59 AM »
John and Sideset, I totally feel the same way as both of you.  I'm very comfortable wearing those shirts in public.  They are men's xl shirts.  I've tried some women's t shirts because they have more room in the chest.  They basically fit the same.  I do have a couple of women's t shirts that I wear regularly.

This is the bra that I was wearing in the pictures.  They are discontinued.  I have 2 of them and wish I bought more when I had the chance.

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