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well, im 17 now. About 6' tall. I kinda have some beard hair but i think im not fully done with puberty so i REALLY hope they go away.


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umm... I'd say no, but it depends on how long you've had them. You usually develop them anywhere from 10-15, and if they're not gone by a couple of years at most, it's almost guaranteed to stay. The only way to fix them is through surgery, although you should book an appointment with an endocrinologist just in case there's a deeper, more serious cause (such as a hormonal imbalance) that's caused your gyne.


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Hey kid your best bet is to go see your doctor, as he will have the answers because he can examine you and make the proper diagnoses, no one on here can do that just by looking at pictures, MOST of all do let people give you their opinions and shake you up or make you worry!



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