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I was researching puffy nipples and I found this little number:

I'm sure many of you have already seen this site but if you havn't then all the better. This, I think, is pretty much the surgery I need. My nipples a bit bigger and stick out more than in the photos but this is it.

It's not normal to feel a ball of glad under the male nipple, is it? I once went to the doctor and she told me 'this is normal, it's your breast.' I thought that was highly innacurate. I doubt my friends would think I'm straight if I went up to them asking 'dude let me feel your nipples' so instead I'll ask some of you  ;D

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supposely it is normal since like 60% of teens have hard lumps under their nips
its just that its more like <10% actually show obvious signs of having gyne

i started to ask my friends when i first had it and 2 of my friends said they had "hard lumps" underneath their nips but their's didnt stick out at much at all

its all about the intensity of each case...there's a lot more ppl out there w/ lumps under their nips then you think


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