Author Topic: Puffy Nipples On TRT But Low Estrogen - Need Help  (Read 3171 times)

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Hi all,
I've been on TRT for the past 18 months, not had any problems with my nipples despite suffering with gynecomastia since puberty and having to have surgery 2 years ago to get it removed.
Recently, however, my shots were increased from 1x3 weekly sustanon 250 to 1x2 weekly. Ever since then my nipples have become extremely sore and puffy.
Knowing the warning signs I got my E2 levels checked instantly and they came back so low they were outside the normal range so I've been left baffled and worried sick about what to do.
The pain is very bad, too, which doesn't help. Any assistance with this would be very much appreciated. 
Thank you



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