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I had surgery last week from a very experienced and well regarded surgeon on this board (although he doesnt post here) last week. I have a very muscular build and struggled with puffy nipples since puberty. The surgeon excised the tissue and did some lipo. Today was the 7th day, and I was finally allowed to shower and remove the padding. I removed the padding change. My nipples look exactly the same as they did pre -op. I have to wear the vest for anothe 2 weeks (only remove it to shower)
Now, I understand I may sound impatient, and that it has only been 1 week. However, my anxiety is killing me. Should I not have been able to see even a slight difference by now? I mean, they look identical and its really worrying me so I'm just looking for some thoughts. 


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Swelling is very common after surgery.  Stay in touch with your surgeon and address your concerns to them.   It is not possible to pass judgment for several months after surgery.   Be Patient.
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I feel you I'm 6'1 160 had gland removed 4 months ago and still can't wear white ts. I feel like blowing my brains out, but I'll wait on that😃

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Pinch it slightly and see if there is any breast tissue

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Yep he did not take enough GLAND out! AFTER surgery the results should be clearly visible. My first surgery had little change but after the second one the entire GLAND was removed and the results were visible the next day!!! Good luck!! 


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