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These tips are intended for those who have gyno and low bodyfat. Not the manboob situation, but rather the puffy nipples and hard lump under them

  • Living in humid places causes more puffiness regardless off the fat mass. Since moving from the west coast to the east coast I have actually reduced the size of the gland but the puffiness has increased.
  • Drinking milk and/or eating gluten increases size/tenderness(for me). This is also true of red meat, possibly because cattle are treated with synthetic hormones. I have not tried organic beef so I cannot speak for that, which is why I prefer poultry.
  • Drinking more water and decreasing water retention means your body is carrying less water and makes the gyno less visible. Exercise helps with this as well. It would not hurt to avoid salt as well.
  • New skin is an effective solution to hide gyno for a few hours, but smells absolutely horrible and a girl would notice it during sex.
  • Getting sun exposure on your chest tightens the skin, makes the nipples darker and is advisable
  • Icyhot(like biofreeze) also works well but doesn't last as long as new skin and sort of stings. Does not work nearly as well in humid climates.
  • Eating less carbohydrates and fats will decrease puffiness. Try to stick to lean sources of protein.
  • Going to the bathroom on a regular basis is huge. You must metabolize excess estrogen and it also makes you less bloated which helps with puffiness.
  • Alcohol makes nipples more puffy. Like caffeine it is a diuretic which increases water retention. All alcohol increases estrogen but the worst offenders are in beer: barley and hops. This is why "manboobs" are seen on heavy drinkers. If you must drink, do so lightly, drink plenty of water(as alcohol dehydrates you and increases water retention) and drink spirits such as tequila, rum and vodka preferably without sugary mixes.
  • The less fat you have, the less estrogen your body can produce. I've never been overweight but when I do get heavier than usual I feel the puffiness increase.
  • Eating sweets/sugar causes an insulin spike which also somehow increase puffiness.
  • Seeds and nuts should be consumed in moderation. They are necessary for hormone production but contain phytoestrogens which may aggravate gyno.
  • Cardio(swimming/running) at above average intensity will tighten up the skin around the chest temporarily. Advisable if you have to take your shirt off later in the day.
  • I3C found in cruciferous vegetables aids in metabolizing estrogen but some supplements (such as NOW foods) contain flaxseed or other ingredients that are high in phytoestrogens and not advisable. Make sure you read the ingredients.
  • Building chest muscle only pushes gyno out further as the fat sits atop the muscle. This does not mean you shouldn't work out, just that you should not target the pectoral muscles as often.
  • Smoking marijuana also increases estrogen and puffiness, as well as decreasing testosterone.
  • Due to the body's homeostatic nature, if you increase testosterone estrogen will also increase to balance out. This means foods that are known to boost T may also boost E if you don't have an aromatase inhibitor on hand.
  • From what I understand, prescription drugs such as Nolvadex only reverse gyno in new cases and most of the time will not reverse pubertal gyno.
  • Soy should be avoided at all costs due to it's high phytoestrogen content.
  • Caffeine increases puffiness as it has also dehydrates you as it is a diuretic. On top of this it has negative effects on estrogen metabolism.
  • If your nipples are sore this is usually a sign that they are still growing and you should look to recent lifestyle changes to cut out the cause
  • Sex releases prolactin which may make them puffier. This is most clearly visible after sex.
  • Pinching provides temporarily relief but actually stimulates the gland to produce prolactin and may worsen your case in the longrun. I have heard cabaser blocks/reduces prolactin but have not tried it. It is also very expensive.

Note: I am not a health professional and I am not trained to give advice on the topic, but simply sharing what I have gathered in my personal experience and understand from published studies. A lot of this might be bro science but it is what makes sense to me. If there is anything that I have written that is incorrect don't hesitate to inform me.

About me: I have had gyno since I was around 13 and it has had negative self-image effects, promoted bad posture(hunching over to hide it), messed with my self confidence and ability to be comfortable with myself... Basically the bane of my existence. I'm 5'10, 160lb and around 9% bodyfat. I'm 19 now and have given up hope on the gyno reversing itself and now I am looking into surgery to correct it. It is definitely real gyno as there is a lump, but I have never had fat on my chest or moobs, only muscle.

I have still been able to go swimming and take my shirt off in certain situations. I'll pinch/rub when necessary but once I'm in water they are firm. Sex is the most difficult situation as I've noticed that the nipples get even puffier even though it is cardio... I believe it has to do with prolactin release during sex. But no girl has ever pointed anything out so that is not my main issue, it is more about being able to live comfortable and confidently without my gyno being at the forefront of my every thought and action. I must say though, it has forced me to eat healthy, exercise and take care of myself. I'm sure many of you can relate to being the kid who sits around playing video games all day eating processed junk food with little to no exercise, which I believe likely caused my gyno.



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