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i been taking saw palmetto for 3 weeks now 800mg 2 times a day for hair loss the past 3 days i have a tender spot on the left side about 2 inches from the nipple going towards my under arm and i can feel a little bump there and on the right side i also have a tender spot but this one is about 4 inches away from the nipple with a little bump what i want to know is can gyno start to form in other spots other then under the nipple? can you get gyno from  saw palmetto after only taking it for 3 weeks? thanks...


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Most of the time, saw palmetto is recommended for prostate health -- not for hair loss.

Many of these herbal remedies are not regulated or manufactured according to poitency -- so the actual dosages are unknown.  It is theoretically possible that if may be affecting your chest -- but I have never heard of it in this regard.

Unfortunately, since these are herbals, they do not undergo scrutiny by the FDA to determine efficacy and side effects -- so in a certain sense, you are on your own.

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