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Hi, I'm 19 years old now and I've had gynecomastia for a long long time now, I'm not sure when it started, but it was around age 12.
I have attended a doctor at the time and he said I shouldnt worry,that it's puberty related and will eventually go away.
Well... here I am lots of years later about 7 years or more to be precise, and guess what? nothing has changed, and if it did, it was certainly for the worst.
I am not fat at all, I am rather slim. My breasts do not look womanly, my problem I could say is only located on the nipple area, I have a disked shaped lump underneath both my nipples, my nipples get rather puffy especially on hot temperatures, when I press them, the puffyness tends to go away partially.(but I bet you're all used to read these symptoms from other members of this site, so you know what I'm talknig about.)
I have done my reaserch on the internet and found out that if it doesn't come off naturally after 2-3 years, it most likely never will, and I will need a surgery.
 Now, I'm 19 years old, and I don't want to miss out on what I could be doing and am not, because of my condition.Everytime I go to the beach I feel self-conscious, and you can't even imagine how embaressed and stressed I get when I get intimate with a woman.
I'm tired of all these years just waiting for it to go away, I stopped trying to believe it will, I just lost all hope, because it just simply won't go away.
 I'm aware that there are medical surgeries for gynecomastia, and that is what I should probably be looking for at this point, but I need honest answers from you guys.
What should be the cost of this surgery be(in EUR), and would insurance cover it?
 My family is on a financial crisis, just like the whole country (portugal) so you could imagine I cannot spend lots.
However if there is no other way, I do want to pay for the surgery when I have enough money, because I'm tired of this and I want it OUT!
Tired of not being able to walk around shirtless when it's summer and I'm melting, tired of feeling unconfortable when I do take my shirt off, tired of being depressed about this. I need a solution or I will go mad!
Over the years the tisue under my nipples seem to have gotten larger and I can't take it.
Help from any of you would be greatly appreciated.

Additional question: Why is it that when I look for gynecomastia on the net I most likely end up in a bodybuilding site? How is gynecomastia related to bodybuilding?
I do attend a gym and work out regularly, however, I do not take any unnatural product, and I don't have a special diet, I've been getting results without the help of these products so I don't feel the need to take them.

Again, THANKS in advance for any information, please excuse my english. :)


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Hey buddy,

I am facing the same issue as yours. It started for me when I was 17. It did pain badly during its formation and could feel something hardening up there. Similarly,I too went and met a doctor at the time of its formation and he said it would go away with time.
I go to the gym regularly but the area near my nipple is completely out of shape and is puffy. I still feel something hard just beneath my nipple and that is what I want to take out. Its the GLAND. bigger than usual. Also note that during the surgery the gland is not completely taken out; about 5-10% of the gland is left for the contour. Else you may face crater issue post the surgery ( nipple sinking in) due to excess gland removal.
I am in India and I have been in touch with  Dr. K Ramachandran from Apollo hospital, Chennai. He is one of the best in the country for gynecomastia surgery and has over 25 yrs of experience. If you are looking for a effective and cheap way of getting your surgery done then India is the place for you.
Gynecomastia is connected to body builders who take steroids, as steroids increases the Estrogen level in the body, which results in breast tissue formation. SO NO STEROIDS. i do take whey protein and nothing else.
I am planning to go for the surgery on this month. Hope things work out well.

Just thought I could share my thoughts and plans.
Hope I could help in some way. Get it removed fast and lets live without shame!
God bless.

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Hey man, sorry to hear you're not happy with your gyne. I would never say that surgery is 'needed' unless it is affecting you psychologically (clearly it is).

The cost of a good, reliable and respected surgeon is probably in the region of 3,000EUR+ set it as a goal and save every penny you have until you can afford to get something done. You can even consider saving half the money and then taking out a safe, low interest loan to pay the rest while you earn more.

Don't worry about getting surgery straight away, you're only 19 years old and have the rest of your life ahead of you. The last thing you want to do is to try and get it done on the cheap and wreck your chest permanently.
My Trip Report (Preop & Postop pics).


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