Author Topic: getting surgery, puffy nipples be gone!!  (Read 2593 times)

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hey guys, thanks for all your help on this website, it has been a life saver. Last week i had my consultation with Fielding and it looks like im good to go for surgery at the end of january. im a 16 year old who just had the "puffy nipple". its only going to cost me 600 bucks and he said i can return to my everyday physical life( hockey, snowboarding) in about three weeks. He did say final results may not uccor until after a yearthough. il be psoting before and after shots come surgery time

Anyways this forum has been a huge help, thanks everyone!

P.S Im doing the surgery awake, anyone know what thats like? :-\


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holy shit only 600$, man i want to make a consultation with him, mine isnt too bad since ive put on muscle and lost body fat, currently at 9%BF, seems like they got a bit smaller but the gland underneath seems more noticeable. Want to see before pics to compare, no homo.


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