Author Topic: Do i need a 2nd op? advice please  (Read 2576 times)

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Hi, i've suffered from gynecomastia since the age of 11 i'm now 25 i had the operation in 2004 to correct the problem (mine was mainly puffy nipples that poked out unless cold then looked fairly normal) i had a flat chest for all of one day then they started to poke out again and i've now got to the point  of depression and obsession with them i had before the op this time i just have 2 scars underneath, this is them now (very similar to pre-op) and i'm thinking about using all the money i have in the world to have another op but this time go private not the NHS. Opinions would be very much appreciated. The surgery 2.5 years ago would've cost $6000 so it just goes to show it doesn't always work.

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Maybe get an areola reducution.  Those nips need to be tamed.

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It doesnt look like you have any breast tissue, just a large nipple. I think nipple reduction surgery is what could help you, if the nipples bother you.


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