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I am currently looking into to treating my puffy nipples which are caused by fiberous glanduar tissue (small disks) directly below the aereola to achive a flat masculine look for both my nipples.

I have a very low body fat percentage and a toned muscular chest.

I have have no breast tissue below this glandular tissue.
I have been advived by a number of cosmetic surgeons that this must be removed by a cut though or below the areola.
I am concerned about cutting as I have dark complextion and am worried about scaring.  I have no history of colloid scaring in my family however.

I am also concerned about indentation of the nipples if too much tissue is removed.
I am considering going with Ashley Gannot from the Me clinic who has advised me that he can cut up the tissue with a liposuction tool and then stich this tissue back to my chest to achieve a flat look rather that a puffy look for both my nipples.
Desprate for any genuine advice as to best treastment methods and surgeons in Victoria, Australia.


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If the Surgeon is a cosmetic surgeon who does this sort of surgery regularly then go for it. If the  Doctor is a general surgeon then get another opinion from a cosmetic surgeon.

Liposuction is good at removing fat but not so with glandular tissue. The number of people who are less than thrilled with their result goes up when they have Liposuction only.
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