Author Topic: Anyone hear of shaving the gynecomastia  (Read 3023 times)

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I just finished meeting with my 3rd doctor about the GC.  I finally liked what he had to say and scheduled my appointment for May 28th.  FINALLY!  He told me that my case is a mild one and that he would open a flap of the areola and remove a small portion of the rear of the gynecomastia gland.  He told me that the portion of the gland closest to the nipple would remain, so the nipple does not become inverted.  He also will do it by numbing the area instead of anesthesia.  Does anyone have any opinion of this or has anyone gone through a similar surgery?


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Sounds iffy. Did he have any past photos for you to look at? Or any experience at all with this type of procedure?

I'd try to get some more opinions from other PS's in your area to see what they'd do.


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