Author Topic: Almost 16 with gyno on the left side only  (Read 2506 times)

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I have gyno on the left side only for about 3 left nipple is puffy too.I am 57 kg and 179 hobby is cycling so i spend 1 hour a day riding my mtb with my friends.i try to keep my body fit and exercise often.What should i do? I cant put my shirt off in public; the beach etc. Thanks in advance!


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Single sided common.consult a gyno expert in ur area. As in its better if u put pics
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Youo posted over a year ago and therefore I assume your one sided gyne is still there.  Truth is that is would require surgery to remove it.

Best to speak with your parents and ask their help in consulting with a gyne expert in your area.

Good luck!

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That was absolute fine , now issues with your physic and no need to worry .


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