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My so will be 14 in August and has had gynecomastia for over 2 years with puffy nipples. He has become very embarrassed and will not take off his shirt. They also show through his shirt. He has been examined my our :Dr. Who said it should resolved. But it has not changed in over 2 years. I hate to weight until he is 16 to do anything because his self confidence is suffering . Is he too young to do anything?


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It has been my experience that young boys with large puffy nipples which haven't changed in two years, will not experience any spontaneous improvement.  Obviously, you have the luxury of waiting for a change.  The problem is the emotional burden as well as the physical burden that these youngsters bear -- it affects their ability to participate in topless sports (ie skins/shirts basketball, swimming, etc) and it may even impinge on their social life and self esteem and sometimes even their school work.

I have operated on youngsters from 12 to 18 years old and have never had one case of re-growth of tissue after surgery.

As for hormone tests, they usually reveal no abnormality -- but that is your choice.

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Thank you Dr. Jacobs, what you have mentioned is exactly what I have been through.  Mesa - I was a pretty good baller in HS, but I refused to play because during scrimmage it was always shirts v skins.  I coulda dropped 30 points on anyone...and I mean that, anyone.  But if I was on the 'skins' team all I ever had was a gut ache and needed to see the school nurse.  Talk to your parents, find out what is wrong.  Don't wait until your 35 to take action.  Your 20's are fun....make sure you are comfortable in your skin.


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