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Title: what is a flat chest?
Post by: Oak8 on February 16, 2021, 12:16:07 PM
Hi all,  42/m uk here.

So, i have Gyno (99%) sure and have a consult on Friday. However, my wife says i'm being silly and dont have a problem. (shes being nice)
I've had this since about 13 i guess, and have always been too self conscious to go topless at the beach or pool and even changing with the sports teams i'd turn my back. relationships always took time to get over that issue too.

So my question is, what IS a flat chest? I've measured by bust (just below the breasts) at 37 inches and chest (across the breasts) at 38.5 inches.

for ref my BMI is 25 so dont consider myself too overweight. I have a belly, but no issues there.
waist is 33 inches and i'm 5'8 11st 12.

Does anyone else have these, maybe before and after, measurements?? ideally with similar BMI to me?


*added pics

Title: Re: what is a flat chest?
Post by: FredL on February 16, 2021, 12:52:03 PM
All boobs and body types are different, so I don't think you can determine much with just measurements unless you're huge in the chest.
Take off your shirt and post a selfie without your face and you'll get some constructive feedback.

btw - My wife said the same thing. 
Title: Re: what is a flat chest?
Post by: Oak8 on February 17, 2021, 02:01:30 PM
Added pics, would love to get your thoughts. 
Title: Re: what is a flat chest?
Post by: FredL on February 17, 2021, 11:50:32 PM
Just my opinions, FWIW.
First pic, your gut is out way farther than your chest. You're not fat so that's a good thing. I have a gut but my boobs were sticking out more. My shirt would hang on my boobs and not my gut. You don't have that. Not even close.

Second pic. You look fine. Most breasted guys would be happy to wake up one day and look like that.

Third pic. I see some boobie action, but it looks like regular guy tyt. Camera angle might play into it.

Your wife might be right, you look good. How is it when you're sitting? Can you make your nipples hang down to your gut?  If you have breast tissue it will never go away. It will just get bigger and hang more as you age. A Dr. exam will tell you if you have breasts or you're just making something out of nothing.

My advice- if the doctor says you have gynecomanstia and suggests excision and lipo, go for it. You'll thank yourself in the future. If he plays it down like your wife, then let it go. Lose weight and hit the gym.

I hope this helps.
Title: Re: what is a flat chest?
Post by: taxmapper on February 18, 2021, 09:48:43 AM
Yours are what mine looked like last year. 

i am now a Solid B cup and moving up. 

Not to say that will happen but i def. see some amount of breast tissue. 
Title: Re: what is a flat chest?
Post by: Oak8 on February 19, 2021, 10:49:50 AM
Thanks for the replies, pics aren't very good at convenying my issue very well. 
appreciate i'm not huge so there are a lot of people worse off than me, but this is a hangup i've had since 13 and have decided to continue down the surgery path. 

blood tests done today and i have a consultancy with a surgeon next week.
Title: Re: what is a flat chest?
Post by: FredL on February 20, 2021, 01:03:30 PM
Let us know what happens.

I went and got a physical exam in October, blood tests and EKG, etc.. Met with surgeon right after and scheduled surgery the earliest I could get, which was in January. The week before surgery they told me that my blood tests were too old, over 6 weeks (I think) and I had to give blood again. $$ :-[  I also had to take a COVID test exactly 6 days before surgery.
Title: Re: what is a flat chest?
Post by: Dr. Elliot Jacobs on February 20, 2021, 07:17:47 PM
Gynecomastia is defined as ANY excess tissue on a male chest.  There are no rules or measurements that can define it, for everyone's chest and body type is different.  It is sort of what one distinguished Supreme Court justice said about pornography -- "I know it when I see it."

Your chest appears to show mild gynecomastia.  And gynecomastia is always some amount of fat and breast tissue on the chest -- in varying ratios.  Whether you wish to do something about it depends on you -- not anyone else.  One way to assess the amount of tissue is to tense your pec muscle and then begin to pinch the skin and fat just below the collarbone (which is usually quite thin) with your other hand -- and then continue downward to the fold beneath the chest.  You may note an increasing thickness of tissues that you can pinch.  THAT is gynecomastia.  

Assuming your condition has been stable, then the only treatment is surgery, which can directly target the excess tissues and permanently remove it.  The procedure usually requires both liposuction and gland (breast) excision by any of various means.

This operation is totally elective -- it can be done at any time.  Therefore, use your best judgment, visit several surgeons, look at their before and after photos, and then make a decision.  The best chance for a successful result is to choose your surgeon wisely so that there is no need for a revision operation.  Make sure the surgeon understands your desires and make sure you understand what the surgeons plans to do.  Take your time and if no surgeon fits the bill, then consider traveling for the expertise that you deserve.

Good luck!

Dr Jacobs

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