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Title: Help me decide: Dr. Fielding vs Dr. Boileau - Toronto / Halifax
Post by: goodbyegyno1 on September 15, 2020, 02:10:58 PM
Hi there,

Just had a consultation with Dr. Boileau here in Halifax at the Landings Surgery Centre. A little less than a month prior I had a consultation with Dr. Fielding in Toronto.

Both were absolutely amazing and extremely knowledgeable. Neither one stuck out in any negative way and their staff and location was impressive as well. I would feel comfortable in the hands of either one.

Dr. Fielding's office quoted me at the exceptional price of $3740. He operates out of the local hospital which I think is how they keep overhead lower. Post-op pics of Dr. Fielding's work can be found online and there are many positive reviews directly related to his work in gyno. I asked Dr. Fielding and he says his surgeries number in the thousands at this point. If I go with Dr. Fielding it will be an extra 500ish for flights, bringing the total to about $4200.

Dr. Boileau's office quoted me at $5900, a higher but not unreasonable price (I've seen people quoted in the 6 to 8 thousands for gyno surgery). They operate directly in-house and all the staff are fully licensed and extremely professional. Dr. Boileau recommended UAL, or Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction. UAL supposedly is more effective at breaking up the gyno and a relatively new technique. I don't believe Dr. Fielding uses UAL.

You can read about UAL here:

Also of interest is that Dr. Fielding does his lipo through one small incision on the underside. Dr. Boileau does 2, both on the underside and slightly spaced apart, which he says grants him better access to effectively remove all the tissue.

One final note is there are pictures available of Dr. Fielding's work, but Dr. Boileau doesn't have any (I specifically asked about this) so I can't get a sense of his results from prior patients. Although not a huge deal, this does effect my decision as I like to get a sense of my outcome based on previous work.

Any thoughts or advice from the community?
Title: Re: Help me decide: Dr. Fielding vs Dr. Boileau - Toronto / Halifax
Post by: goodbyegyno1 on September 17, 2020, 03:16:32 PM
Decided to go ahead w Dr. Boileau as I'm already in Halifax and there's no guarantee the Maritime quarantine will lift in the next few months (if I go to Dr. Fielding in Toronto I'd have to quarantine again upon arriving home, which I don't want).

I called Dr. Boileau and asked him a few more questions and he was incredibly knowledgeable again and forthcoming. It is more expensive than Dr. Fielding but I feel I'm in good hands. A deposit has been made for surgery a month from now.

I will update this thread with before and after pics because I know how important that is for others viewing. I had trouble finding before/after for Dr. Boileau so I will pay it forward and keep this thread updated.

Stay tuned.
Title: Re: Help me decide: Dr. Fielding vs Dr. Boileau - Toronto / Halifax
Post by: goodbyegyno1 on October 02, 2020, 03:26:06 PM
Surgery is in exactly two weeks. I am very excited. Not be able to go the gym for a while is a pain in the ass but I'll deal with it. I've had a surgery of a similar nature in the past (where results don't show for months), so mentally I'm prepared.

I'm sure many of us have similar stories and mine is likely not different. I got my gyno at a young age and kept it all the way through puberty. Even with weight loss / muscle gain the gyno itself never changed or got smaller. For a while in my university years I stopped caring about it entirely as there was little I could do. But in the past few years (and with disposable income now under my belt) it's something I'm very excited to finally get rid of now at age 28.

Here are some pictures of my gynecomastia. I'll be updating this thread after surgery.
Title: Re: Help me decide: Dr. Fielding vs Dr. Boileau - Toronto / Halifax
Post by: goodbyegyno1 on October 16, 2020, 07:02:08 PM
Surgery is complete, feeling pretty good overall. Expect pictures in a few weeks once the vest comes off. The surgery itself was incredibly easy and relatively fast, was asleep the whole time.
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