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Title: Getting gyne surgery tomorrow morning
Post by: nicknack on August 26, 2020, 06:10:22 PM
Hey all, it feels good to not feel alone with this and be able to type about it here.

So basically, I've been through cycles of being really fat to going to the gym hard for 6 months but still have little fat with muscles... Recently I ballooned to 310 pounds at 5'10" and about 3 months ago I started eating right again and cardio.  Today I'm about 275 pounds.  I went to see a PS about 2 weeks ago and on a whim said let's do the gyne surgery.

So my surgery is in exactly 9 hours and I just wanted to be able to share this experience...

My PS said that I have between a grade 2 and 3 gyne and because of my weight, I might have some loose skin.  So I just wanted to know if there are any fat guys that got this surgery done and how does it look and make you feel now?

I would like to post updates here... so hope to be able to have a discussion
Title: Re: getting gyne surgery tomorrow morning
Post by: nicknack on August 27, 2020, 02:13:49 PM
well, not sure if anybody is interested in reading this, but it's still cathartic to write about it... so I'm finally home and so glad this is over with.  I got to the clinic an hour before the procedure, met the anesthesiologist and surgeon, got marked all over with a sharpie and went to the operating table.  I remember seeing the big light over me and the anesthesiologist saying you might start to feel a little tired... and within a few seconds, she was saying something but i went out like a light.  Next thing I remember is waking up at some point cause the oxygen mask was blocking my nose and I panicked a bit and said I can't breathe and please remove the mask... When I opened my eyes I saw the surgeon and his assistant sitting over me doing something (I couldn't tell what exactly) but I kinda remember him saying he's almost done just stitching up the incisions... then I was knocked out again.  Next thing I know, I'm was in the post-op recovery room feeling... kinda ok.  Little groggy but no pain at all, tight wraps around my chest with the drain bottles wrapped inside too, which I thought was weird but will get it taken out on Saturday (2 days post op).

I started to feel a little pinching pain when I finally stood up and there's the obvious pressure and very slight difficulty breathing, but overall, seems manageable.

I have some prescription pain meds and I'll take one tonight and hopefully won't need it after but will see.  Will update here and I've taken pics all the way so might post pics if anyone's interested.

Just to add, I've had noticeable gyne since I was 18 ish and wanted to get rid of it since then but I didn't even know what it was and how to do it.  Going to the gym helped but it was always there.  Then in the mid-late 2000's when I was in my 30s I read about gynecomastia for the first time... and have wanted to do this since.  I turned 40 in June and so far all I can say is (as SO MANY people have said in the past), I wish I did it earlier.

The procedure basically flashed before my eyes and the pain (so far) is just a little... will sleep on my recliner for the next few days and binge watch Trailer Park Boys lol.  If anybody has any questions, let me know.

Title: Re: big belly and getting gyne surgery tomorrow morning
Post by: MarcoB on August 27, 2020, 02:56:07 PM

well, not sure if anybody is interested in reading this, but [...]
Sure, but don't have anything to add or know what to ask yet.
Title: Re: getting gyne surgery tomorrow morning
Post by: nicknack on August 29, 2020, 01:52:07 PM
So I went to see my PS today (little over 48 hours post op) and he said he's happy there's no bruising or leaking so all looks good.  When he took all the wrapping off, I looked down and couldn't believe this was reality... it was ALL GONE!  I mean my chest was FLAT... little loose skin on the sides, but I felt like I was having an outer body experience.  I put my hand where my breasts used to be and there was nothing there... I mean it was totally surreal... I'm still in shock. It looks like I have the chest of a teenager or something lol incredible... This is some kind of sorcery alright...

I just can't imagine what I would look like in the next 6 months.  I hope the result will be clean enough that I can actually walk on the beach without a shirt.
Title: getting gyne surgery tomorrow morning
Post by: nicknack on September 03, 2020, 10:05:56 AM
ok guys, just an update now that it's been exactly 1 week post op.  I gotta say the last week has been really tough coz I'm pretty much living out of my recliner.  I have lipo pads on and a compression vest.  The bleeding from where the right drain was has completely stopped since day 3 (it was basically a trickle in day 2).  I've been sleeping in my recliner and haven't slept on my bed yet which stresses me out because I always sleep on my stomach or my side . Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night in a sweat and restless as hell.  I just want to rip the vest off and feel the cool comforter and mattress so I can sleep in peace.  But I tell myself this is for the greater good... I pace around a bit, cool off then eventually do fall asleep in my recliner again.  On day 6, I started to feel somewhat normal as the bulk of the pain started to subside.  It's easier to get up and sit down and I've gone for a couple drives too.  No issues so far.  I showered for the 2nd time the day before and it was easier than when I did 2 days earlier, but it still hurts to bend down or reach up.

I have noticed I am developing folds under my nipples and I know not to freak out or anything since it's way too early to judge, but obv it's something I want to show my surgeon.  I have an appointment on Sunday and might need ace wraps to tighten that specific area and not sure what he's going to say.  I'm still in shock to be honest and can only imagine the day I walk around with just a T shirt on or go swimming and hit the gym again. Will post again Sunday. 
Title: Re: Getting gyne surgery tomorrow morning
Post by: nicknack on September 06, 2020, 05:29:19 PM
So I took a shower before my appointment today and I must say the healing looks a lot better.  The folds under my nipples have gotten smaller and overall I barely notice any loose skin now.  I am quite swollen all over and it's hard to the touch but I'm happy that it isn't fat and whatever muscle I had put on over the years are there and for the first time in my life probably, I just feel solid all the way around my chest and armpit area.  Taking a shower was great today as there was barely any noticeable pain and I was getting more of my range of motion back.  For the first time I was able to press on my chest and axilla and feel my actual body.  That was a great feeling.

When I met my PS, he was happy with the results and said for 10 days post op, I'm recovering much quicker than normal.  I'm still wearing the lipo pads under the compression vest for another week he said or until the swelling smooths out.  I went to the beach today after the appointment for an hour watching the sunset and it occurred to me that in 40 years, I have not once gone and hung out at the beach all day... My god how much I've missed out on.  I started remembering all the times my friends would say they're going to the beach and I would always make an excuse not to go because I didn't have the guts to hang out shirtless in public.  First thing I'm going to do once the healing is mostly done in 3 weeks, is go to the beach with a beach towel, some food and drinks and swim for hours.  Sounds surreal to even write that.
Title: Re: Getting gyne surgery tomorrow morning
Post by: nicknack on September 11, 2020, 07:44:39 PM
16 days post op update:

The pain has subsided considerably and I can quite easily shower, dry myself, etc.  I have kept the lipo pads and compression garment on since 2 days post op so today is 2 weeks.  My PS said it's ok for me to leave the vest and pads at home if I want to leave the house for a few hours, so last night I went for a poker game without my vest and was out for about 6 hours.  It felt good to feel free of the vest, but I couldn't stop hunching over which I seem to do instinctively for some reason.  I caught myself doing that a lot and kept correcting myself... Once I got home, I immediately went to the bathroom to put the vest and pads back on but when I looked in the mirror, I was shocked at how much my chest had swelled up in different areas.  And my chest is starting to feel tender to the touch.  I'm feeling an almost constant sensation of itchy/burning/numbness I guess is the best way to describe it.  Not exactly uncomfortable, but it wasn't there a few days ago so I hope it's temporary.  I'm going to leave the pads and vest on for at least another week to be on the safe side.  Have another follow up next Sunday so will see how it goes.  So far, no issues... just killing time until I no longer need to wear this vest.  Still can't believe it's been 16 days already... Hope anyone reading this is on the fence to get the surgery, I say just do it and get it over with.  
Title: Re: Getting gyne surgery tomorrow morning
Post by: nicknack on September 19, 2020, 04:12:56 PM
3 weeks and 2 days post op:

Pain is almost gone.  Still feel little shooting pains, and tugs here and there.  Some burning and itchy sensations, but it's definitely getting better by the day. I have asymmetrical swelling mostly on my right side.  It feels very hard and looks swollen with a thick fold but I have an appointment with my surgeon tomorrow so will see what he says.  I've been doing cardio daily and I tried running yesterday but on my very first step, I felt a strong tugging pain on my chest so I just kept it a fast walk pace.  Still wearing the compression vest and lipo pads, but 2 nights ago, I just couldn't take it any more and took it off and slept on my bed for the first time in 3 weeks. Even rolled to my side without any pain.  Put the vest back on as soon as I awoke, but that felt amazing.  I'll try leaving it on tonight and see what the doc recommends tomorrow.  I tried the pizza roller for 20 minutes today and I'm not sure if I'm properly healed yet as the pain was still there.  

Yesterday, I wore a v-neck sport shirt out last night for a poker game and all the guys were amazed how different i looked.  This is not just because of the surgery, but I've lost about 30 pounds in 4 months.  But with the surgery, I finally wore a tight shirt and it looked like I was all muscle.  

Also, final though is about my posture.  I can't believe how much of a "gyno hunch" I had.  With the boobs gone, I can definitely notice how much I hunch over.  I've been forcing  myself to walk around with my shoulders back, chest out and head high and it feels very natural and easier now. I've literally been walking wrong all these years.  I feel less tense in my shoulders and less strain on my neck.  Walking around care-free with a strong wind blowing my t-shirt tight against my body feels amazing.  Don't know who's reading all this and apologies if this is in the wrong group, but feels good to write it all down.  I'll update again if there is anything worth mentioning, otherwise I'll be at the 3 month mark.
Title: Re: Getting gyne surgery tomorrow morning
Post by: FredL on November 01, 2020, 09:58:44 PM
Hey man, How's it going? 
Thank you for taking the time to post about your experience. I have surgery scheduled for January and I'm reading everything and watching videos to prepare. 

I'm a guitarist in a wedding band and I'll have 25 days to recover before my next gig. Wondering if I'll be able to load my gear and set it up, and how hard it will be to play guitar standing up for 4 hours. I'll sub it out if I have to, that buys me another 3 weeks. After that I'm gigging every weekend through next October. Without boobs! 

btw, I'm 57 and I've had this sh*t since I was 12. 
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