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Title: Nurein (2019)
Post by: Hm2222 on October 21, 2019, 09:39:05 AM
I thought this post deserves a thread on its own

Age 37
Height : 5'7.  Wt = 76kg
Gyno type  :  Type 2/3    I'd say equivalent to a B cup? 
Location : North West

I guess I could say I have had gyno for over 10 years,  being slim you don't notice but as I gained weight over the years this became more apparent and started affecting what I wore.  I went from 8st to 13.5 stone in 6/7 years.      The usual stuff,  dark t-shirts, cardigans became the norm. Playing sports became harder as those things are bouncing around so much.  In contact sports if you get nudged in the chest the pain is quite intense. All the usual issues with this condition.    But you dont need to suffer in silence,  shame the NHS just doesnt offer it on extreme cases.

I came across this forum earlier this year and watched a few videos of Dr. Nurein performing surgery as well as other consultants.  There were many reasons why I chose to go with Dr. Nurein, one of them being that it's done under local which I felt more comfortable with.  I did ask for quotes from other places and it was starting around the 5.5k mark under general.

Initial call (august 2019)
The initial call is always the hardest, i felt kind of embarrassed but plucked up the courage.  Spoke to Joanna (PA) and arranged for an appointment in September 2019.  I think it was about 2 to 3 weeks from the initial call.  Went up to Sheffield which was closer to home.  Was an evening appointment,  filled in some paperwork and then met Dr. Nurein. The consultation was free and brief which I had no issue with. I knew what I wanted, had already researched everything and the fact that Dr. Nurein has a few videos already made things that little bit easier.  Dr. Nurein confirmed I had type 2/3 gynocomastia and needed lipo/gland removal.  I asked for a ball park figure for cost and he said around 4-4.5k.  The following day I received the quote from Olga,  arranged a date  (18th Oct 2019)  paid the 500 quid fee to reserve , and I paid the remaining amount 2 weeks before surgery.  In total the cost came out to £4500 for vaser/lipo,  gland excision and bodytite.    There was no pressure from them at all,  no sales pitch, no pushing for payment etc.    There is the option to take finance which I believe is interest free,  didn't enquire too much on this as I had saved up for this anyway.

Surgery Day (18th October)  (London, Harley Street)
I decided to drive down on the day with a family member who would drive back home,  journey time was around 4 hours.  In hindsight I should have just taken the train as the return journey took us 6 hours with heavy traffic. Arrived at the clinic at 9am,  met Olga, completed some more paperwork and sat in the waiting room.  Was little point for a family member to be sat waiting so he went off to be entertained by those extinction rebellion protesters.  Surgery was scheduled for 10am but with some minor delays it ended up being 11am before I went up.    Prior to going upstairs I met Dr. Nurein who marked me up,  took a few pictures and told me that they were just prepping upstairs and I'd be called up shortly.

At 11 ish  AGA one of the nurses came to take me up.    She is one unique character,  such a jolly person always hugging you,  putting you at ease and making you as comfortable as possible.  She is a credit to Dr. Nurein's team.    The other nurse was Hannah ( i think,  apologies,  I'm not great with names), who also is a credit to the team. She explained everything in detail on what the next steps were as well as off topic conversation  You get weighed first,  height checked,  blood pressure and heart rate check  You get given some overalls for your socks and some loose fitting see through type boxers that you put over your own underwear/boxers.

Into the theatre,    they stick some type of electrode on your back.  Supposed to be some sort of earthing cable so you don't get electrocuted. Lie down, they then start covering you up and only leave your chest exposed from above the mid section and below the neck.  They also gave some calming tablets,  (possibly diazepam).    From your chest they raise the sheeting/cover just above your head so you don't  get to see what is happening,  It's kind of perpendicular to your chest.  They stick the blood pressure monitor on your leg that kicks in at regular intervals and also stick the pulse monitor on your finger.  Iodine solution all over the chest area and then Dr. Nurein arrives.

Now this is what people will find most useful.  Experience of having this done under local is surreal and I will provide a detailed and honest account of the pain, the feeling and experience.  Dr. Nurein comes in,  injects you under the nipple which to be honest I felt no pain at all.    Then goes in the local anaesthetic (LA).  I think its under pressure so you feel you chest getting larger as the liquid fills your breast.  It is cold and some of it drips down your back.  Dr. Nurein and team will continue to re-assure you and explain each part of the process. Both sides are filled with the solution.  Then comes the vaser which I think was 3 mins on each side.  It's supposed to liquify the fat.  You can feel the pushing and pulling of the probe as well the high frequency sound it emits.  There was little pain during process,  and when i did feel pain Dr. Nurein just put some more LA in.     

Following on from the vaser comes the lipo. Again it wasn't painful.  It's only when the probe hits a non numb area that you might get a bit of sharp pain.  You can take it though and as someone else mentioned it's worth it.  For the sake of a bit of pain you are saving probably around £1.5k additional cost for a general.    Just let the Dr know and more LA will go in.  both nurses were constantly checking up,  holding my hands when it was painful and going above and beyond.  After lipo it became apparent that the glands were quite large which I had known from the start,  no matter how much weight I lost they just wouldnt budge.  For me gland excision was probably the most painful part,  not because of the incision under the nipple but due to the large size of it on both sides.  It must have taken alot of pulling, tugging to get it all out.  I felt sharpish pains but as usual Dr. Nurein will pump more LA in to make it easier for you. I would say gland size can be around the 40 gram mark. To pull out 150g from each side just shows how bad it really was for someone of my build. I'd say imagine two largish chicken size fillets.    I'll attach a pic of the glands but I am sure Dr. Nurein and his team will put up some pics in due time.  Thinking about it the glands started to grow during my weight gain and makes me wonder whether this was due to hormonal changes exacerbated by significant weight gain.  Things had stabilised the last few years so I didn't bother getting blood tests done.  Following on from gland excision comes the bodytite part which I think uses radio frequency to tighten the skin, its done through the same incision as well as above the skin.    I could genuinely feel the tightness occuring. 

After stitching Dr. Nurein left and the nurses wrapped a bandage around followed by the compression vest.  You get a pack of pain killers,  antibiotics,  another compression vest and some small stick on plasters/bandages.      Prior to the bandaging i got to see my chest and it was almost as flat as a pancake,  there was a little swelling but that is expected.

On the way out I met Dr. Nurein,  arranged a follow up at sheffield in a weeks time.  I could genuinely see that the whole team were happy at what they do, they are great at what they do and there is that genuine feeling that its not just about making money but rather about changing people's lives.    I think I left the clinic at 2pm. I felt awesome after surgery,  no pain, nothing. I was getting a little pain in my arms, possibly a pinched nerve with the way the compression vest was on, but a slight adjustment sorted that.  I thought I was doing ok until one hour into the drive home,  I felt extremely faint,  and sweating profusely.  I dont' know whether this was the anaesthetic wearing off,  some sort of side effect or something else.  As my family member continued driving I just wound the window down,  put the seat fully back and tried to rest it off.  Think it took about 20 minutes before things got better.    I did read somewhere that someone else had similar experiences so I knew it wasnt anything to worry about.

The first night is the hardest,  you sleep on your back and even though it had been a long day,  4am to 8pm in total, I didn't get much sleep.  The next day it was difficult getting out of bed and everything was sore.  Very little sharp pains but more of a dull ache,  you will need support to get out of bed and to get to anything above shoulder height.  Pain killers will help but I chose only to take them at night to help me sleep.    Friday night (1st night) was hard,  Saturday night got easier and Sunday I got some decent sleep.

Had a call from Dagmara, after care coordinator checking up 24 hours post surgery and also received a text message for a survey on post recovery and if any issues to contact the team

It's day three now,  had a shower as they instructed,  removed bandages.  Can't see any bruising,  pain is very low now and a bit of swelling as expected.  I could go back into work but rather just relax and enjoy half term week with family.  I have a follow up appointment later in the week.  The main thing is my chest is flat,  it's hard to explain without uploading some before and after pics but the difference is between night and day.  I've gone from having big B cup boobs to a flat chest. I just can't believe how effective the surgery has been.  I can now go to the gym once recovered and start building on the chest muscles to get a more defined look.  In the past building chest muscles would just push the glandular tissue further out and make things worse.  I get to wear the compression vest 24/7 for 2 weeks followed by nightly for 6 weeks.   

In conclusion what an experience having it done under local.  Dr. Nurein and his team are wonderful and are very good at what they do.  Highly recommend.  Happy to answer any questions for anyone considering using Dr. Nurein's services. 
I will try and provide further updates in due course.

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Title: Re: Nurein (2019)
Post by: UsernameUK on October 29, 2019, 08:34:53 PM
Have my surgery with Nurein booked for the end of November so this is super helpful thanks. Decided not to get the bodytite though due to being in my early 20s with no signs of loose skin although I do have type 2, would you say getting the bodytite was really necessary in your case? Also any tips for prep running up to surgery?
Title: Re: Nurein (2019)
Post by: Hm2222 on October 30, 2019, 11:10:00 AM
Can't really say how much the bodytite has helped as I have nothing to compare against,   I just took the doctor's best advice and he said he wouldnt do it if it didnt work.    

As for prep,  for me it was watching the videos of
Dr. Nurein,  as well as other consultants on youtube who do this under local,  thus you know exactly what the procedure involves.   Just be sure to be vocal if you are getting pain during surgery... more anaesthetic will help.  

In terms of physical training,  with type 2 I was reluctant to train chest muscles which just pushed everything out.

As for the vests that they provide,  I found it kept digging into my skin so I switched over to a macom vest instead. Provides the same level of tightness and seems to be better engineered.  
Got two more days left of wearing this thing 24/7,   i've got myself an underarmour compression vest that I will wear during the day and then the proper compression vest at night.

hoping to get on the treadmill next week for light cardio,  and then hopefully 2/3 weeks later start building upper muscles

Title: Re: Nurein (2019)
Post by: Hm2222 on November 03, 2019, 08:53:12 AM
Just an update

14 days post op,    now only need to wear compression vest for 12 hours overnight,     nipples were extremely black.     thought they were going to fall off lol.      Turns out they had scabbed over,   was annoying me so peeled them off,   nice new pink skin underneath which should go to normal body colour at some point.     Put plenty of savlon cream on.   

Hoping to start lightly on the treadmill in the next day or so with full on cardio the week after if I am to it.      Still painful in certain areas but improving by the day.

Title: Re: Nurein (2019)
Post by: Hm2222 on November 12, 2019, 04:40:22 PM
Day 25 update

On to the treadmil,   can run at speed   Totally different feeling as there is nothing bouncing around,  I can run faster and further....    
started light weights but can feel pulling on one side so having to take it easy.   Interesting developments,  for 3 weeks i've not been exercising and eating junk (like you do when are bored)  but i've put on virtually no weight.      Previously if I didnt watch what I ate then I would instantly put on the pounds.   I dont know if this scientifically proven but does having gynecomastia attract fat to that area?   

flat as a pancake :)
Title: Re: Nurein (2019)
Post by: UsernameUK on November 27, 2019, 09:25:16 PM
Been 10 days since my op now and healing nice. Still a little bit sore but mostly okay now only issue is I can't fully lift my arms above my head because around the incision under my armpits feels tight, think this might be scar tissue but not too sure. Didn't go for the Bodytite which I'm glad about because don't think it was necessary looking at my current results.

Really happy with the results and looking forward to being able to start hitting gym and building my chest. 
Title: Re: Nurein (2019)
Post by: Bantam on February 03, 2020, 07:14:29 PM
Hi mate. Well done on taking the plunge! I'm really close to plucking up the courage and going with Nurein. Any chance of a quick update? 

Cheers ;)
Title: Re: Nurein (2019)
Post by: Waybackwhen on February 07, 2020, 02:45:28 AM
It’s exactly a year ago to the day I had surgery, completely changed my life, happy to answer any questions
Title: Re: Nurein (2019)
Post by: W.D.J on February 19, 2020, 11:23:23 AM
I'm considering surgery with Nurein. I had my consultation with him and he said I will only need gland excision (some lipo for shaping but nothing major, I wouldn't be charged extra for it). The main thing putting me off doing it is worrying the scars around my nips will end up looking worse/more obvious than the Gyno.

Can anyone who had surgery with Nurein chime in and let us now how your scars are healing? Are they obvious? Do you think he did a good job keeping them neat and relatively hidden? Thanks.
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