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Title: bad result by caridi at AGC
Post by: mrkowboy on September 01, 2019, 08:43:33 AM


i had surgery for mild gyno done by caridi 10 months ago with an awful result
to the moderator - note that this is a genuine and legit post - it can be authenticated by contacting the caridi office, confirm my name 'nath' and the date of surgery 7 august 2018

he said that this has never happened before. he has stopped responding to emails asking further for advice and postop management for the ongoing worsening scar and tissue defect. he has effectively abandoned postop follow up
5. in summary, i have had a disastrous result. in my case, caridi has done bad, lopsided surgery [my right chest is now flat and collapsed] and then tried a cover up by trying to tell me that the result is excellent. the manner in which he has conducted and abbrogated all follow up demonstrates a total lack of professional standards.

6. i also want to point out that the caridi website is very misleading:

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