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Title: Gynecomastia Links Enabled.
Post by: Miguel Delgado MD on January 13, 2014, 11:10:15 AM would like to invite our physicians and guests to use links to better communicate and open the conversation to the world at large.  The links were disabled in the past due to abuse and self-promotion but we realize that this is an important part for any forum.  We ask that you use this as an educational tool and not one to over self-promote.  This will be monitored and abusers will be disabled.
We understand that a patient may want to share his experience about a physician or gynecomastia surgeon who is not a featured doctor.  This activity is fine unless it is over promoted or it seems to be unnatural.  If this activity persists, without warning a guest or surgeon may be banned.

We have some very exciting additions to in the coming year to make our reach greater, geographic search better, and the site more user friendly.
Thank you for your support,
Miguel Delgado,MD (
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