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Title: Revision + some questions! Please help
Post by: Barca99 on December 26, 2013, 03:51:39 AM
Hello good people
As of today, i have been through two procedures for my gyno. My first was a very simple procedure that my plastic surgeon said would fix the appearence of my chest. It was a nipple reduction, i can say i am fairly satisfied with my procedure as i no longer have protruding nipples. However, my Areolas were still very puffy, wide in diameter, and protruding. About 6 months after my nipple reduction i had Gyno surgery via lipo and small incision under the areola. Post-op i noticed that my left side(which looked a lot worse than my right side prior to the operation) was completely flat, however my right side was protruding just as it did before. My Doctor insured me that this was just swelling and that it would subside over time. I had my second post op visit last week which marked 6 weeks since my operation. My left side has started to protrude like it did before the operation and my right side has been puffy since day one post-op. My doctor insists that my protruding right side will go down and be even with the skin around it and that i am micro scrutinizing the entire situation and the look of my areolas. However, i am comforted by the fact that he says if the right side does not go down he will look at it after 6 months and see what he can do. I have full trust in my surgeon and i believe in what he tells me, but i still have some questions i'd like to ask on here. Firstly, if my puffy right areola hasn't settled down in 7 weeks will it settle down in another 4-5 months(hopefully the time frame for my revision), my left areola seems to me getting puffier everyday. The upperside of the Areola feels very soft but the lower side where the incision was made feels very hard and is continuously developing scar tissue, will my left side stop developing scar tissue? does the scar tissue go away on its own? Why has the Doctor scheduled my 3rd post-op meeting to be in 4 1/2 montha which marks 6 1/2 months after surgery if i'm developing scar tissue that could be treated with cortisione injections. My Doctor also insists my right areola is puffy due to swelling and that he removed whatever tissue was necessary. IF my right areola is still puffy 6 months post-op does that mean insufficient amount of tissue was removed? Hopefully a revision will be offered to me because the goal of the surgery for the surgeon was to make my areolas be even with the skin around it, and this has yet to be achieved. I really hope that a revision can fix my puffy areolas. I really don't wanna have to wait one or two years for my revision because i am 19 years old and don't wanna waste the best years of my life struggling with confidence issues due to my gyno. I am 5'10 170 pounds and i am addicted to bodybuilding. I have been training for half a year but i am determined to work my way up and eventually compete in natural shows for Mens physique. My puffy nipples ruin the look of my chest and is simply not aesthetic. Money is not an issue for me when it comes to these surgeries i just want to have the problem corrected once and for all! thanks for the help!
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