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Title: A mans man with no fear!
Post by: hammer on August 18, 2013, 07:50:34 PM
I watch the local free Craig's list (St. Paul, Mpls) area and there was a guy that had his recliner advertised for free and he was sitting topless in it in the picture. He had to have at least A cup size breast if not a little bigger sitting there for the world to see without a care in the world!

I showed my wife and she reminded me that I used to do the same thing when we were swimming and camping as well as when we still had the pool in our back yard! I still was doing it when I was a little bigger then he is, but stopped when my health went south, but that is also when they really blow up to the big things that they are now! I don't have any problems around family or doctors or anyone when I'm in the hospital! I don't think I could walk around in the general public topless!

I know alchemist will say that I should try a nudist camp, but that's not me!

I say, God bless the guy who doesn't has a care in the world about the boobs or even a second thought!

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