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Title: deformity post-surgery
Post by: dav242 on November 22, 2012, 06:22:39 AM
I had surgery with Dr Delgado a few months ago.

In the early 2000s, I initially had a lipo-only procedure with a different PS on the east coast. Had no major issues after that procedure, but was still left with residual fat and possible gland that I learned to accept and live with over the past few years. Had no major regret after that surgery, except maybe that I shouldve had glandular excision done (though, as you'll find out, I had no gland anyway).

Fast forward to a few months ago, finally decided to bite the bullet and get a second surgery done and have possible glandular excision.

Chose Dr Delgado given his expertise, experience, credentials. Paid the extra money (easily Double what I would have paid with other PS for the same surgical intervention).

He and his office staff were very nice. Very helpful, receptive, attentive pre-operatively.

Day of surgery went well. I was told that I had little glandular tissue (they didn't even have enough to be sent for pathology), and so mainly fat was removed.

As I've healed (it's been two months now), however, I've noticed two large indentations/crevices around one of the areolas that are prominent and even worse with flexion or with any pulling movement of my arms. I will attach pics soon.

I also noticed that the areola on one side of my chest no longer pulls up when I flex my pectoralis muscle but rather gets depressed inward, which is incredibly disfiguring. YOu can essentially see the outline of my pectoralis muscle extending ABOVE the areola, like the areola is separate from the muscle completely (at this point, I don't think it is attached to the pec muscle anymore - I think scar tissue has built up).

I think Dr Delgado is a tremendous surgeon with great skill and experience. I think his office staff are as receptive to patients as possible, especially given what seems like such high volume of patients.

However, I only wish my results echoed what has been written here on these boards about their experiences.

Obviously, based on findings during surgery, I had no gland to resect, mainly had subQ fat in my chest area, which was all liposuctioned out.

But it almost seems like all that aggressive liposuctioning essentially left me deformed.

At this point, does anyone know if fat injections will help the crevices or indentations in my chest?

Or will fat injections allow my areola to actually tuck under rather than flatten and depress underneath my muscle with flexion?

I am trying to cope with the reality of these deformities and that, ironically, I will have to hide my body due to complications of a gynecomastia surgery, rather than from gynecomastia itself.

Bottom line: can anyone tell me if my situation seems even remotely salvageable or fixable? Or should I accept that my chest will be as deformed as it is now post-operatively?

Title: Re: deformity post-surgery
Post by: dav242 on November 22, 2012, 08:25:14 PM
attached are my 2 month post op pics.
Dr Delgado's office has insisted that i continue to wait for healing, but there's very little swelling now - the crevices and craters are the only things that are becoming more and more prominent. the pec on one side is particularly deformed looking, and i was told that i have to accept that and it was part of the plan of surgery.

does this sound right or reasonable to any of you??
Title: Re: deformity post-surgery
Post by: dav242 on November 22, 2012, 08:28:24 PM
attached is a pre-op pic. notice NO deformities or craters prior.
Title: Re: deformity post-surgery
Post by: gemidude on November 25, 2012, 07:41:46 PM
i posted on your other thread, but what was wrong with it before? i'd kill to have your before pic chest. i have the opposite problem, too much scar tissue, still looks like i have gyno.
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