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Post by: NewbieBoobie on April 22, 2008, 06:42:03 PM
 If you read this your probably just like me, the one that was reading every thread-looking at every picture every outcome wondering if its for me. Well this is my experiance: All my life I hit the gym flucuated in weight from 215lbs all the way to!!...I am 33 years old and what I am about to tell you I wish i did years ago. After realizing working out was healthy but always felt my chest would never take shape like my friends i would be known as the bulky type...5' 11" tall i would never take my shirt off at pool parties just tank tops...friends would always make fun of me- I would hate wearing a tank top under my undershirt to try to control my chest so it didnt look saggy even after hitting the gym for chest every friday before i would go out with friends....sweating and hating every moment of it cause i felt uncomfortable to begin was the worst. So hear i am ...33 years old took a leap of faith and said [email protected]#$# it!!! Had the procedure done two days ago....walked in and walked out in 1 hour and a half. Oh my what a differance!! I feel great! Even though I have bandages on my nipples I love The pain is a little more than a good day at the gym...a great deal more. The pain medication helped greatly. I went back the day after to have any swelling checked and to my surprise the doc took off the garment and just left the nipple bandaids on. I was shocked. Some minor bruising.My procedure consisted of lypo and extraction and my chest is flat as a board. I never thought it would be this flat. I really need some time in the gym :) although it works out great at least now i will see results other than my chest just expanding underneath fat and gynecomastia. I recommend research and a set of balls for those who are debating whether to do it. It cant get any better unless you do this. Also read a couple hundred posts on this site like I did before you do it. Learn from them and understand that everyone is differant, doctors & patients. Your outcome is based on your knowledge in which i thank this site and its moderator(s) for making it easier to obtain anwsers! Good luck to all!
Post by: NH on April 22, 2008, 06:47:48 PM
Awesome, man. I love hearing these successful stories of people whose surgeries worked out. I'm a little overweight but my BMI is average, so I'm thinking I might get my surgery done during the summer so I don't have to worry about school. Hopefully my surgery will be as successful as yours was!  :D
Post by: NewbieBoobie on April 22, 2008, 08:38:30 PM
Like The nike commercial- just do it- its almost 2 days for me..still in i did 10,000 dips and a truck hit my chest but I feel the pain drifting away-I own a business so its a little harder taking days off...some might think a little easier but hell no..i would have done the surgery on a friday but my doc only had monday availible- I am getting married in 3 months, talk about pressure or worries about it not coming out right...oh my...I still did it and dont regret it at all...I cant wait to go to the next pool party and see peoples reactions...remember for those who always kept a shirt on..they will all think you lost weight...!! and the feeling is awesome!!!  8)
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