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Title: 2nd Operation
Post by: Stanner on April 12, 2005, 06:10:03 AM
Well, I'm booked in for my 2nd op on Friday 15th April with Mark Liddington at the Nuffield in Leeds. I had it done in February  last year but wasn't happy. Anyway after a lot of hard work and my surgeon sending me for a second opinion he has agreed to do a correction free of charge. I just hope I come out happy this time. This time he said he would do a cut around the base of the nipple as well as extra lippo. He did voice concerns about excess skin being left and a skin excission might have to be done. Still, I am going to take the chance and hopefully I won't have to go through that!  Has anybody out there had problems with excess skin being left. My gynae was only average anyway and I am not overweight.
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