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hey everyone,
i had surgery on March 25th, a tuesday. Now i am about 3 weeks post op, drains are out, but i am still in my compression vest. I have another appointment tomorrow with my PS for a postop check up on my chest. I am able to wear whatever i want with the compression vest on and everything looks great! i dont have any man boobs or any protrusions coming from my chest. When i take my vest off, my chest is a lot more evident and protruding, not NEAR to the way it protruded pre-op, but it is noticeable...... it really sucks, considering i thought i would be rid of my man boobs/protrusions after surgery. I know i am still healing, but all i want to do is look like every other 16 year old kid with a flat chest. Is that so much to ask?

I know for a fact that i had gland excision done and liposuction around the area done. I also had a small amount of lipo done around my stomach as well.

will my nipples always protrude and just ruin the way my shirt looks all the time, even after this surgery?

I'm getting pretty depressed over this, please let me know if i am screwed for the long run, or if the results will get better and my nipples/chest will get flatter in time? If not, am i just faulty manufacturing?



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You do realize it's going to take upwards to 6 months for the final results right ??

You have scar tissue in your chest right now that hardens up, and sticks out.. With gentle massage, and later deep tissue massage you will be able to slowly breakdown the scar tissue, and ultimately get a much flatter chest..

However, you have to let it run it's proper healing course, and help aid it along the way with proper care..

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As said above.  If things don't get better by 6 months or so, see your PS.   Final results can take up to a year to be appreciated.


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Theirs always MINOR protrusions ... not everyone has the same type of chest.

Even after post-op im hundred times better than pre-op ... even though I have a chest that doesn't look completely normal to me, due to my build, width and body frame, it looks perfectly normal to everyone else. Period.

I did hope I'd be completely flat chested ... but the more I see other guys at the gym, I realise that my doctor sculpted my chest according to my size/build. And guys at the gym they haven't even got Gyne but their chest sticks out so much more due to muscle mass.

I know your 16 .... im 21 but look like a 17 year old. So just thought i'd drop my input!

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little update:
most of the hard feeling has gone away. There is still a little bit behind the nipples though. i am pretty sure i will need a revision though.

when i have the garment on, its all flat and it looks GREAT. i take it off, they pop out and look nasty. they lipoed my abdomen too, so that has flattend out nice and well. how do things get better after surgery?

i had surgery march 25th, so its been a little over a month, i know i have SO much more time left, but will things start to flatten out, or will they stay about the same?

also, could it be that i am seeing things that other people dont? like i still think i have it, but i dont?

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I am almost 6 months post op and I still have some swelling and scar tissue.  Got a injections from my PS to help reduce the scar tissue a couple of weeks ago, and it has worked, though not completely gone yet.  I am MUCH improved vs pre op, but still hoping that it will continue to flatten as it has ever since my surgery.


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