Author Topic: What is a good excuse for gyno scar?  (Read 2272 times)

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I had masectomy? a few years ago (loose skin cut out, free nipple graft) so pretty extensive and a visible scar in addition to a low placed nipple.  I'm worried to go to beach with people I know in event they ask me what are those two huge scars on your chest from.  Is there any excuse I could give as to explain the two scars without saying gyno?  I would rather them not see me at all then tell the truth.


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When it comes to mastectomy scars and free nipple grafts, there are not many other things that it may be.  I assume your surgeon reviewed the anticipated scarring prior to your operation.  This is a major operation -- reserved for men in whom there is no other choice.  The surgery (and its resultant scarring) becomes a trade-off for a tighter and more comfortable chest.

Unfortunately, these scars are permanent. 

My best recommendation would be to be truthful about it if anyone should ask. 

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I find that being totally honest is quite a relief and also easier than you'd think.


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