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Who of you has a crater deformity or depression after gyne surgery??
Is it easier to live with it than with the puffy nipples you had before???
How "deep" is the depression/the crater?? is a concave nipple more "visible" than puffy nipples in your opinion??
maybe some pictures???


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I have a slight concavity on my LHS. It has gotten a tad better but can still notice it when i flex my pec. How deep...  1/8 of an inch possibly, just guessing here...

Is it easier to live with... IMO, most definitely!!!  I wasn't looking for 'Perfection'. Rather, a result that would make my life a tad more manageable. All I wanted to be able to do is to go out in public wearing just a t-shirt and not have everyone gawk, smirk, point fingers at me...

A concave nipple more noticeable than puffies... I would have to say no. IMO, puffy areolas would be more 'eye catching' than a slightly concave nipple/areola.

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thx. very interesting.

anyone else????

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I asked Dr. Delgado about craters.  He said you can not judge your result when your arm is raised up, only at your side in a natural everyday state.  That is how he judges and sculpts your body.  He actually, during surgery, will raise the patient up in the chair to see how the chest looks with gravity and make adjustments from there during surgery.  This logic seems to make sense.


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