Author Topic: SURGERY COMPLETE!-NOW I HAVE LOST MY CHEST,HELP...  (Read 3311 times)

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I just had surgery on friday,I am 6:1 200lbs work out 3 times a week,run 3 miles every other day.I started having these issues when I was about 25,I am 36 now.I had a small amount taken out about 6 yrs ago but it came back so I thought I would have the surgery again.This time it was a diffrent Dr. and instead of using a local anesthetic they put me under.I woke up and it was bandaged and I was done;how easy!WELL,I went back for my post op yesterday and she said I had a little fluid built up so see used a large syringe and pulled some fluid out.I looked down and it seemed as though now the fluid was gone I had lost half of my pec,I have worked real hard in life and committed my self to this life style to have a decent upper body.Is it gone because of the little pain I had in my left breast!I would have dealt with it.I hope I can get some assurance that Its early and that after I get back to the gym this will remedy itself,any help would be greatful,thanks..     


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sounds really wierd.  The only way that could happen is if your doc removed muscle......very unlikely.  Maybe you miss your fat.  Post some pics.

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They would not have removed any of your muscle, that is actually quite funny!!!

If you are not as full in the muscle than you usually are, don;t be worried, will return very quickly once you start stimulaing the area again.

Do not give it a second thought.

Good luck...


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