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Hi Guys,

Its been almost 3 months now since my surgery with Dr. Jacobs here in NYC. Things are looking great, I can wear shirts without 3 other shirts under, only issue I had is when I flex my pecks, I get my muscles to stick out, but on the bottom around the nipple area like a hard tissue remains. My left peck is better even tho it seems like I have more scar tissue there, every time I work out or wake up in the morning and I touch the two areas I feel hardness. I pinched around the right side of my nipple and I feel like a long hard tissue that goes from my nipple towards my armpit.

The right side is what concerns me since it kind of greats a bump next to my nipple, which makes it look like mild gyne. I have a check up in like 15 days or so, I hope it goes away quickly, so far its been going slow. How does a doctore determine if you need injections?

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Wow. we must have gone to Dr.Jacobs around the same time. I have a similar issue. I keep hearing the same thing... have patience. Keep massaging the area. Dr. Jacobs also mentioned possible injections for the scar tissue but its way too early in the game. We're both still healing.
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