Author Topic: sleeping on back?  (Read 11347 times)

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My doc said I could sleep anyway just not on my stomach...I think I'll try my best to sleep strictly on my back for the first 2 weeks just to be safe anyway. I've found that pillows on either side of you help to keep you from turning over at night 8)

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I think the sponges make it more difficult because of their stickiness. When something sticky like that is attached to your body, when you move a little bit of the are, all the rest of it will have to move too, so your scars will be stretched and you'll be in more pain, so yeah when I took the sponges out after the first week I was almost ok.

I wake up with a little pain on my sides when I can only sleep in my back, I think body moves itself when you are sleeping to avoid haematoma, and let all your mussels have a chance of resting, so yeah this is a little hard too.

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3 days after surgery and I can't sleep on my back anymore. I sit in my couch and try to sleep there for like 20 min and I stay awake for like 2 or 3 hours till my next 20 min sleep

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Oh thank goodnes for this site! i'm almost 2 weeks post op and am just going onto my side. how people sleep on their back is beyond me. have had hardly any sleep for 2 weeks!

it is worth it however!


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I feel the same pain lads sleeping on the back is a nightmare!!! Im in bed right now strugglin im 6 days pst op
N wake up with back pains lol i just wait till i get tired. Fuk sakkkeeee :)

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They don't tell you that this will be one of the hardest parts about healing!!!

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I slept on my back for the first few days after the op because i had drains in and turning onto my side wouldve KILLED.
So i got used to it and slept on my back for like a month, just to try help get the best outcome possible (though a doctor never actually told me how to sleep, just seemed logical). now only a month and more later do i sleep on my side again. I've never liked sleeping on my back, but you do get used to it


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 not sure why sleeping on back gives back pain ..
i usually try to sleep on my back because i have back problem and it's a good sleeping posture.. check here:
you might have to keep a pillow under your back..
hope surgery doesn't make it worse in anyway..

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I agree that sleeping on your back is the pits.

I tried it for the first 3 nights, but my night four I was able to kinda comfortably sleep on either side. (Normally I spoon with the wife, but I couldn't get my arms into position for that until about day 10).

I didn't have any drains (although my PS had warned me that I might need them), so it may have been easier for me.

I have learned that the way to turn or roll is to push my chest off the bed with my arms, turn, and then lower. Trying to just roll didn't work for me. The vest made it harder and it was more painful.

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That has indeed been one of the biggest challenges. Like most people on this this thread I normally sleep on my stomach. I have found that the best way to sleep on your back is to basically trap yourself between two long pillows. Also it helps to put a couple of pillows under feet (right around your knees) to elevate your legs, which helps relieve the stress on your back. And lastly when all else falls sleeping pills help as well. I am only three days post op and last night i was actually able to get about 6+ hours of sleep. Hopefully the ambien just doesnt make me sleep walk...

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Never heard of anyone that sleeps on there stomach voluntarily. Only people passing out drunk does that.

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when you sleep on your back, do you wake up if u roll over? i think i naturally roll to my sides when i sleep.  And if sleeping on teh side or stomach increases swelling, then once i get this operation done, i'm going to have to be careful. 


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